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By Mike Johnson on 2018-11-08 15:34:00

As noted yesterday here on the site, Ring of Honor was brought up by Sinclair Broadcast Group CEO and President Chris Ripley when asked about investments that Sinclair has made into different entities during their third quarter 2018 earnings conference call.

Ripley praised ROH as an "unpolished gem" that Sinclair had unearthed and noted that their investment into the company has helped it grow into a position where it sold out Madison Square Garden in 11 minutes.  Ripley also noted Sinclair sees ROH as something that they have built from a grassroots level. reached out to ROH COO for comment on Ripley's characterization of the company.  

Koff responded, "Sinclair has been nothing short of incredible in their support and enthusiasm for our product. In just a few years, they have invested significant time and energy in expanding the scope and reach of Ring of Honor to a global audience. What makes Ring of Honor unique is our investment into our fans to help grow the massive grassroots support that has been the backbone of Ring of Honor since the very beginning. We are focused on continuing to improve our product by creating better programming and content-- through exciting live events and our over-the-top distribution network HonorClub-- for our fans, and providing a platform where our male and female athletes can showcase their talents and thrive within this industry."

ROH is in the midst of their Global Wars 2018 tour this week, with all dates streaming live for Honorclub subscribers.


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