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By Eric Nelson on 2018-11-07 23:55:00

The box office manager at the venue is a friend of mine, and told me they sold “about 800 tickets” (total capacity is 4,000) to the show. The venue’s Facebook page promoted the show almost constantly, and it was the first dose of local wrestling since WWE nearly sold out the place a couple years ago. Before - and since then - WWE makes 3 or 4 stops a year in Augusta, Bangor and Portland.'s PPV report seemed to mimick the live experience well. When the stream cut out on those viewing the show, the power actually went out in the building. The first time it happened, fans expected a Sabu style run-in, but the look on the box office manager's face made it clear this was not part of the planned event! In a cool moment, both times that the power went out, the fans were quick to turn on their cell phone flashlights, almost instantly illuminating the entire arena. When that happened, we escaped a “WWF: Beware of Dog” black out and the show went on. Here’s a picture:


As you could probably tell from the webcast, the stands were a ghost town, but the floor seemed full. Hopefully everyone made some money, with the first three rows charging $92, $77 & $52 respectively. The rest of the seats for the arena were $32.

Everyone seemed to have a good time, with the only potential downside being that The Elite members lost both of their matches - my 10 year old cried, ha!, and Colt Cabana (who got a few chants) didn’t wrestle as he was only commentating.

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