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By Dave Scherer on 2018-11-07 10:00:00

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Do you think AJ can beat Brock this time? 

Can he?  Sure, if that is how Vince chooses to book it.  As I type this on Sunday, my guess if if that match happens, AJ will lose.  Again.

During the Hardy Halloween special, when Papa Shango put a curse on the guy causing him to spit green liquid, was it a nod to back in the day when Shango put a curse on the Ultimate Warrior?

That is how I took it.

We are used to seeing Ronda Rousey compete with no makeup in the UFC.  In WWE, for her big matches they paint her face to appear very pale and really exaggerate the makeup around her eyes.  This gives her look a similar vibe to a Japanese geisha, which i'm fairly certain is NOT the look they are going for.  It's hard to see her as the baddest woman on the planet when her face is painted in that manner.  Even though WWE tends to prefer heavy makeup on their female wrestlers, do you think with Ronda, less is more?  Do you think that having her compete with little or no makeup would add to her bad ass persona?  

I didn’t really even notice until you mentioned it.  The way I see it, UFC is a sport.  WWE is a performance art.  The way a talent looks is important to WWE in their presentation.  I don’t think make up hurts her persona, no.

Cena and Daniel Bryan are two made men in the company who carry a lot of influence behind the scenes, so it's understandable that the company made certain concessions for them regarding the Saudi Arabia show.  If a wrestler who doesn't have that same backstage influence didn't want to go to Saudi Arabia to compete, and gave the exact same reasons that Cena or Bryan did, would that wrestler have any heat on them going forward?

If a guy says I won’t go, it’s not really a concession from WWE.  That is why guys like Cena and Bryan can do it.  If someone without their stroke did it, I think it would not be received well by the office.  They weren’t happy that Cena and Bryan didn’t go, so they sure wouldn’t be happy if a lower card talent said that they wouldn’t.  That is exactly why no lower card talent took that stand.

My question is about Vince Russo. I've heard many personalities describe their relationship with him from Cornette to Bischoff. But I never heard about his interactions with Paul Heyman? Have they worked together? And was it good or bad? 

It would depend on what you mean by work together.  If you mean did Russo watch ECW TV and get ideas?  If so, they worked together.  Russo was gone from WWE before Heyman went to work in creative there. Had Heyman been forced to work with Russo I would put my money on him feeling the exact same way about Russo that Cornette does.  

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