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By Dave Scherer on 2018-11-06 10:00:00

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In response to the comment on your Sunday Q&A regarding the Pwinsider staff covering the controversial Crown Jewel event: I'm a journalist with more than 20 years in the industry I love. There are days that I love it more than others. Regardless of my feelings toward the subject matter, I have always seen it as my job to cover the story accurately and without bias.  I would love to be able to see a story affecting my readership that goes against my political views and say, "You know what? I don't like what this is about. I'm just going to ignore it and leave it to someone else. If my readers want to know about it bad enough, they'll go somewhere else to read it."  In niche journalism, or any other kind of real journalism, we don't get to cherry pick what we cover. News and events happen. Our readership expects us to cover them. We do our jobs and go on to the next story.  You did your job, and a great one at that.

Thanks for the kind words.  The person that wrote the question is clearly a clueless goof.  He is probably the same kind of person that railed for WWE to drop Moolah’s name from the Battle Royal, even though there were tons of people, who would know, that said the stories about her weren’t true.  People that that goof are exactly what is wrong with America today.  They view their opinion as actually being a fact.  But, we must persevere.

Sometimes, WWE will stretch out a storyline or force feed us a character long after the fans have grown sick of it. Do you think they will make this mistake with Ronda Rousey, and she will continue to be the unbeatable champion, even though the fans are tired of it and want to see the belt move to someone else??
To be determined.  They aren’t there yet, so it’s a moot point.  I don’t think many people wanted to see Nikki Bella beat her.  So, until a Braun Strowman comes along to her Brock Lesnar, we will just have to wait and see.

How much blowback do you think Daniel Bryan is going to get from WWE officials for refusing to participate in Crown Jewel? Is this the last we see of his main event push for a while?

I don’t think he has had a main event push in the first place, so there is nothing to lose there.  He has been more in the upper mid card.  He got the match with AJ Styles largely for the Saudi show, since he is a known big name and that is what they wanted over there.  I think he will probably stay in the spot that he has been in.  And for the record, I have a lot of respect for the stand he took.

Crown Jewel is a done deal and WWE went through with it. If you were WWE, where would you go from here? They obviously have a decade-long deal with the Saudis to honor, but if this situation regarding the murdered American journalist escalates to white-hot proportions, I would be mortified at the thought of doing another event in Saudi Arabia after the recent PR backlash.

I think they got something of a pass for Friday’s show since there wasn’t a lot of time to change things.  Plus, as they said in their third quarter filing they needed the show to keep the guidance that they set for investors.  They didn’t mention Saudi Arabia by name and did no puff pieces, so that is a good start.  I think they need to talk to the Saudis and make it clear that if anything like this happens again, they won’t be back in six months.  With their new TV deal starting next October, getting those Saudi paydays will not be as important as they were this year.

What's the over-under on Ronda Rousey main eventing Wrestlemania next year? Considering how incredibly impressive she's been this year (and she seems to keep getting better), Vince would be an idiot not to.

I don’t put odds on it but if they find the right opponent for her, and they would need to do that, I could see it happening.  But again, it would have to be the right opponent.

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