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By Mike Johnson on 2018-11-10 10:00:00


When Ring of Honor brings over New Japan stars, what sort of protocol do they have to go through?

They have to get work visas for the talent and then work with New Japan to make sure their planned finishes won't contradict New Japan's plans for those talents.  The same goes for ROH talents when New Japan brings them over.

Do you think the all in group would go to wwe for 5 million each per year, or do you think they dislike the company so much that they wouldn’t go no matter the offer.  Do you think Vince would consider giving Them full creative control to prevent Roh from becoming major competition to them.

I don't think WWE will ever give full creative control to any talents, Elite or not.  It's not what WWE does.  I think any talent offered a $5 million a year downside guarantee that doesn't jump on that contract is certifiably insane but WWE isn't going to offer anyone that sort of downside guarantee, much less a group of 5-6 talents, no matter how talented they are.

Do you think WWE ever looks at other pop culture genres to inspire their talents?  I look at Sanity like they could fit right into the Purge.

I can see why you could see the connections between the two.  I am sure there are writers who pitch ideas that are inspired by movies, TV and comics, but those ideas have to get past Vince McMahon, so those ideas are going to end up very different from the source material if they pass through Vince's fingers.

Who are the ROH Creative team?

Delirious, Christopher Daniels, Bully Ray, Todd Sinclair and BJ Whitmer are involved in the creative process.

Do you think Roman Reigns will appear for WWE anytime soon?

I am not going to even speculate on anything regarding Roman and any future questions related to this will go unanswered.  I wish he and his family well and I think they should be given the utmost privacy so they can concentrate and deal with his health issues.


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