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By Dave Scherer on 2018-11-04 10:00:00

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If they weren’t going to put Drew Galloway in the main event at Crown Jewel, doesn’t it make more sense, from a booking standpoint to have Brock Lesnar win the title? I see why they did it. He can have a better match with A.J. Styles, because he can lose without losing his aura, since he already has a win over Styles. They have history that can be worked into their match. Braun vs Styles doesn’t feel right just yet. At the same time, Braun was just switched back to face going into the main event and needs more momentum behind him. I think he wins the belt at Wrestlemania. 

If the plan is to get the belt to Drew, I would rather have him beat Brock.  Now, much like Roman Reigns before him, Braun has now had numerous shots at Brock and can’t get the job done.  To at least some people, that will hurt the perception that they have of him.  I think that was a big mistake from a booking standpoint.  When you consider Braun is a face now and Drew is a heel, it’s an even bigger mistake.  It would have made a lot more sense to, to me, to have Braun win, then Drew beats him for the belt before Survivor Series.  At the PPV, Braun comes out and costs Drew the match and AJ wins.  Going forward, that would be a lot better for storylines than doing the same old same old with Brock.

Do you think the WWE can recreate the old Nikita Koloff angle, where he turned face after the real-life drama of Magnum TA’s crash?  I think Braun being inspired by Roman Reigns is a better reason for a full-on face turn than Drew Galloway hitting him with a claymore while defending his partner. 

Could they?  Sure.  That is a pretty easy story to tell if they chose to do it.

Finally, do you think Brock Lesnar finally gives back to the WWE by losing to A.J. Styles and eventually Braun Strowman over the next few months?  

If a gun is at my head I just look at the past and see Brock hasn’t given anything back to young guys, I don’t see him starting to do it now.

We have two Raws and two Smackdowns to go before Survivor Series on 11/18. How many times will we be forced to hear the phrase "the one time of year Raw and Smackdown Live go head-to-head in in-ring competition" awkwardly forced word-for-word into promos? I'm thinking 40 total... over or under?

Ten per show?  Hmm, you set the line pretty well.  I will take the under, but I am not overly confident.

I recently read your predictions for the Crown Jewel event. All I could think is how hypocritical of all 3 of you. Your complaining about Hulk Hogan and WWE running a show, yet instead of actually boycotting the show, you give some bull**** reason that we are journalists and have to cover the show. If you felt passionate about it you would not covered it at all, told your subscribers that and actually boycotted the show. But instead you where afraid other sites might steal some subscribers and money. Another thing let’s never forget the United States government has done far worse then kill a journalist, should I mention the millions of innocent people they've killed in wars? Lost a lot of respect for you guys.

Well, I have to tell you, I didn’t lose any respect for you because with a ridiculous statement like this, it’s clear to be that you are an ignorant knuckle dragger.  You have no idea what journalism is, and I would tell you to look it up but I just don’t think you have the ability to do something to figure out how to get the job done.  But just so you know, news outlets don’t get to pick and choose what they cover.  No news outlet wants to cover stories where children are murdered by gunfire.  But, it’s the job.  We do this for a living, we don't watch as a hobby, like you do.  Maybe you don’t actually work and don’t understand what it’s like to have responsibility, but we do.  Fans can absolutely boycott the show, like you did.  People that make a living covering the business don’t have that option.  

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