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By Mike Johnson on 2018-11-03 10:00:00

 is the reason the WWE Network only has a few ECW Hardcore episodes from 1993 because the master tapes are lost or were never saved?

If there is anything missing from ECW Hardcore TV, it is because the original masters were not part of the library when WWE acquired them in 2001 or because they were damaged.  I know that in some cases, WWE had tracked down VHS tapes and attempted to convert them to the best quality possible for streaming on the WWE Network.

What happened to Jack Swagger in MLW?

Swagger had a deal for five appearances, which he completed.  We are told that the door is open for him to do more but he's concentrating on training for his BELLATOR debut and doing some independent shots.

I see RVD is advertised to wrestle for NEW.  Didn't he claim his eyesight is bad and he can't compete anymore?

Yes and no.  He stated in a court filing related to his divorce that he had an eye injury that was keeping him from being medically cleared to wrestle for WWE.  He can still wrestle but might not be able to be cleared by their medical standards.  Hence, he can't wrestle there.

Is Paige ever going to return to the ring?

Not under WWE's auspices.  She could get in the ring tomorrow and take bumps but WWE has medically disqualified her from wrestling for them.

I saw you reported the WWE wrestlers were flying to Spain almost immediately after the Crown Jewel show.  Were they rushed out of the country or something?  If HHH was hurt, did he go to Spain too?  Where did Vince go?

Not rushed, but were scheduled to leave as soon as possible so they could make it to the next show on the loop or (in the case of talents not working the tour) make connecting flights back home to the United States.  I am under the impression they sent HHH directly back to the United States on what I would guess was a chartered flight or the company's corporate jet.  I don't see them sending him home commercial that far after getting hurt.  My guess is Vince McMahon took the company jet or a charter (whichever didn't take HHH) to Manchester, England, where the TVs are this week.

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