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By Mike Johnson on 2018-11-01 13:12:00

World Wrestling Entertainment filed a new trademark for the term "Tough Enough" on 10/25.

The trademark notes they are filing a trademark on the term for "G & S: Toys, namely, action figures, accessories therefor; dolls; cases for action figures; toy wrestling rings; playsets for use with action figures; toy vehicles; board games; tabletop action skill games; construction toys; playing cards; puzzles; stuffed toys; plush toys; toy belts; knee and elbow pads for athletic use; toy foam hands; costume masks; novelty face masks; Christmas tree decorations; toy spinning tops; arcade games; kites; bobble-head dolls; puppets; card games"

Tough Enough ran for several seasons on MTV before being incorporated into the WWE Smackdown series for one season.  The reality concept was later revived for the USA Network.  Talents who have ended up found and signed via the reality series have included The Velveteen Dream, The Miz, Mandy Rose, the former John Morrison, Maven Huffman, Sonya Deville, Ryback, Nidia and more.

The obvious question is whether the filing is the latest in a series of recent nostalgia-based filings or is a sign WWE is looking to resurrect the series in some fashion. reported last year that WWE was seeking to grow its footprint in the reality world, including a pitch that was making the rounds at the time for something of an amalgamation of the old Tough Enough series, the old Diva Searches and the competition "reality era" of the WWE NXT brand.  The pitched concept pushed the idea of WWE "seeking out" a new female WWE star.  We are told the idea that has been passed around would be that the series places its competitors on the road with WWE as they all travel together via tour bus.   There would be weekly competitions that would lead to eliminations before one final winner is crowned, earning a WWE contract.  WWE has been looking to revive the Diva Search idea for some time but has yet to actually do so.  The other reality pitch that made the rounds at the same time was eventually developed into the USA Network's Miz & Mrs. series, which has been renewed for a second season that will debut next year.

It's also possible WWE is looking to repurpose the Tough Enough name as well, specifically since the trademark filing seems to revolve around merchandising.  Time will tell.

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