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By Mike Johnson on 2018-10-29 13:35:00

WWE announced today that new EVOLVE Champion Fabian Aichner and new EVOLVE Tag Team Champions The Street Profits will be appearing on all announced EVOLVE dates going forward.

The idea behind the NXT talent appearing on the EVOLVE events seems to go back to one of the original discussed ideas surrounding the NXT-EVOLVE relationship several years ago, which was to give EVOLVE talents somewhere else to work while also giving Gabe Sapolsky (who now also works for WWE) a chance to help develop them.  There had been talk at the time of the WWN family of promotions taking over the NXT Florida events, but it appears instead the idea is to farm talents out to EVOLVE events and I wouldn't be shocked to see similar instances of talents working for SHINE, etc as well.

With so many talents signed up to train at the WWE Performance Center, there are only so many slots on NXT live events so farming some of the talents out to EVOLVE events makes sense in that it will help give talents who aren't getting NXT TV exposure a spotlight as well as additional ring time in front of live event audiences.  

The talent exchange also benefits EVOLVE as they get the direct marketing and promotional help of the WWE machine to help enhance their events, which will only assist their bottom line.  WWE likely covering the costs of some talents, would reduce the EVOLVE overhead as well. 

While EVOLVE is now allowed to feature these talents on their streaming service, one would think part of the deal is that WWE will have the rights to any of the material featuring their talent for their own library or perhaps even the entire EVOLVE library, similar to the company's deals with ICW and PROGRESS in Europe.

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