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By Mike Johnson on 2018-10-29 09:46:00

Last night's Evolution PPV was indeed a sellout.

For those asking about Nikki Bella as she was holding her neck, she was not showing any signs of injury after the show.

Shayna Baszler tweaked her ankle during her match against Kairi Sane and was using crutches after the show.

There was a pitch by some to have Charlotte Flair vs. Becky Lynch close the show, but Vince McMahon wanted Ronda Rousey vs. Nikki Bella to close.

WWE did not run the Crown Jewel promos on the Nassau Coliseum's video screens.

Comedian Lily Singh was in attendance at the PPV.

WWE sold a lot of exclusive merchandise for the event last night.  All of the talents had new t-shirts.  The company did not sell any merchandise featuring male talents at the show and there were so many new shirts that certain merchandise stands had shirts that weren't avalable at others.  The company had an exclusive program, which featured pages dedicated to photos of stars from the past, including The Fabulous Moolah.  They were also selling exclusive cups, pins and Evolution event t-shirts.

The live crowd was far more female than a regular WWE PPV audience and the audience was described to us as having fans that weren't as "smart-alecky" at the usual traveling PPV crowds.

The regular WWE PPV production crew was used at the PPV, although the actual production scale was smaller than usual due to the Raw/Smackdown set and production setup needing to be in Charlotte for tonight's Raw.  Logistically, they could not have that setup in New York, break it down, transport it and set it up in time for tonight.  Since the show was added late in the game, WWE didn't have the luxury of booking a venue logistically closer.

Christian, Vickie Guerrero, Finn Balor and Dana Warrior were backstage at the event. wants to know what you thought of the Evolution PPV, what the best match was and most importantly, when should WWE hold their next all-women's show  You can weigh in with your opinions by clicking here!

WWE released the following post PPV Fallout videos.  Thanks as always to Paul Jordan for curating:


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