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By Dave Scherer on 2018-10-31 10:00:00

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I absolutely HATED the Ripcord Knee as a finisher and felt Seth Rollins’ matches ended flat because of it. Do you think that since Rollins brought back the Curb Stomp returned as his finisher, it helped catapult him back to the main event? That finisher is very exciting and the crowd always pops for it. I think it’s a big reason he is super over. Also, how did Seth get Vince allow him to use it again, with all the recent attention on athlete concussions? 

Honestly?  No, I don’t think it’s that big of a deal to most people.  I think it’s more that Rollins got comfortable working again after returning from his injury.  It can take time to get back into the flow when returning.  From what I was told, Seth shows WWE that the move could be done safely.  With Roman Reigns sidelined, I think Seth is primed to be back at the top of the card again.

As hard as it was to watch Roman Reigns’ announcement about his Leukemia diagnosis, please tell me Vince will put the title belt on Braun Strowman, and not back on part-timer Brock Lesnar.

As I type this on Sunday, I am still hoping that they add Drew McIntyre to the match in Saudi Arabia.  If it’s only Brock vs. Braun, Braun has to win in my opinion.  With that said, viewership has been down since Brock lost the belt so I could see WWE doing a knee-jerk reaction and putting the strap back on Lesnar.  I hope it doesn’t happen but if it did, it wouldn’t shock me.

Is Paul Heyman now working behind the scenes as part of creative?

When 2 WWE superstars toss insults back and forth on Twitter and they’re in character/trying to get even more interest in their match, do they just wing it, or do the writers have specific things they want them to say??

They do NOT wing it.  They are given a script and expected to stay to the verbiage laid out for them.  Top guys can get away with improvising a bit, but most of the talents have to stick to the script, for better and often worse.

As part of a storyline, could you ever see Ronda Rousey doing a contract signing against – whoever, but after she signed, her opponent brings up a line in the contract, buried in the middle, that says Rousey isn’t allowed to use her armbar submission?? You think Vince would do that and would she agree?? She’s a legit fighter, right?? She has to know more than one way to end a match.

I wouldn’t see a problem with them doing it.  She isn’t a one trick pony.  Plus it’s a work!  The finish is whatever creative says it is.

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