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By Dave Scherer on 2018-10-30 10:00:00

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Hey guys love the site wish I could afford to be Elite but appreciate the free content!  Where's RVD been?? With the Saudi deals and all the new content for the Network wax nostalgia he's been MIA. Are he and WWE on the outs or is he focused on things other than wrestling? 

Well, they know he’s out there.  They also know that isn’t a huge fan of the travel that they have and also that he will be 48 years old in a few months. He hasn’t been working a lot, if much at all, recently.  And again, he is nearing 50 years old.  I wouldn’t be shocked to see he and WWE come to a deal, but I don’t expect it either.  On a side note, RVD didn’t want to go to the Middle East for Tribute To The Troops.  I don’t know that he would want to go to Saudi Arabia either.

So after 8 ½ years, HBK is un-retired. At least for a while. Did you figure this would happen eventually, or did you think he might be one of the few who would actually stay away??

Almost everyone returns.  Shawn did leave an out that make a return possible and as I have watched WWE make the product more about the brand than the individuals, I did always think that there was a good chance that some day Vince would need him and ask him to come back. 

Is Victoria (Lisa Marie Varon) done with WWE?? Or are they done with her?? Or is it a bit of both?? I haven’t seen it on your site (therefore, it didn’t happen), that she was invited or NOT invited to Evolution. If something doesn’t change, she’s never getting into the HOF.

I think it’s more that, believe it or not, she is 47 years old.  I know that is kind of surprising, but she got into the business later in life. I am typing this before the Evolution PPV so we will see if she shows up or not. 

On a different note, I am sensing a theme here.  WWE has really started to convince the fans that people in late middle age are viable options to wrestle.  

I didn’t watch the Road to Evolution special, but I did notice that it was only ½ hour long. To me that shows a lack of interest in the Evolution PPV. They could easily have spent 60 – 90 minutes going through the history of the women’s division. Heck, it’d take an hour just to get through everyone talking about how much they love Trish. “Trish is great and super and wonderful and awesome!!” “Trish can do anything!! Trish is incredible!! Trish raised my puppy from the dead!!”

They got an airing on USA so they weren’t going to get three hours for it!  Plus, the idea wasn’t to do a chronological recap of women’s wrestling.  I thought the special was what it was meant to be.

For the first time, I saw the most respectful pop for Roman Reigns in his entire main event run.  Should be return, I can expect a giant face pop.  But I think it is rather sad that this is what it took to get him over.  I know I shouldn’t be looking at it that way, because he’s in the fight for his life – far more important than how wrestling fans view him.  It does bother that after all the hard work he’s done for wrestling, he has to be facing a life threatening illness for fans to treat him with respect.  Your thoughts, please?

I think the booing of Reigns was just from a select section of the crowd.  Plenty more people cheered him but the boobirds were louder.  I get that those fans were mad that he won the Rumble the year that they wanted Daniel Bryan to win it, but man they have sure held a grudge for a long time.  My take is this.  When he comes back, he should get massive cheers.  After that, I have no idea what to expect from the fans that booed him.  They may go back to doing it, but it could have a You Suck/Kurt Angle kind of vibe.  Personally I just want to see him beat cancer.  Anything after that is icing on the cake.

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