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By Dave Scherer on 2018-10-29 10:00:00

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When Charlotte & Becky have their match at Evolution, it really doesn’t matter who wins. Well – maybe to them. But it’s not like that’s going to end the feud. I’m thinking……………. Hell In A Cell at Survivor Series. But if THAT doesn’t end the feud – meaning the writers had an A-HA!! moment, where can they go from there, as far as specialty matches, I mean??

HIAC works for me.  They could definitely pull it off.  Other than that, it would have to be some kind of crazy stip, like Loser Leaves WWE or something.  But, unless one of them is really leaving, it would be weak to do that.

I have to say after watching, Allie goes to hell to save her friend, that this has to go down as the dumbest angle I have ever see! Who is responsible for it? Do they actually think it will increase viewership?

Don Callis and Scott D’Amore oversee creative.  I agree, it wasn’t my cup of tea either.  But in their defense, they know that putting straight wrestling on won’t blow up their numbers so they are trying something different.  

It seems like the Roman Reigns announcement caught many of those in the industry off-guard.  Assuming his family, Vince, and upper management was aware of his medical history with leukemia, was his history not known to most other people in the WWE locker room?  Were journalists like yourself and Meltzer aware of his history?

I sure wasn’t.  And I have never seen it reported anywhere else so I don’t think our competition knew either.  I am fine with that, it’s Joe Anoa’i’s personal business.  

Mickie James has not been booked strongly during her current run, mainly being used as a sidekick and the person who takes the pinfall during tag matches.  She is not portrayed in the same light as a Lita or Trish, even though Mickie's own place in WWE history is not that far behind Lita and Trish.  Should WWE be portraying Mickie more as the legend that she is, or do you think they should save that until the end of her current run as the sidekick character?

She was brought back as a full timer, to work with the younger ladies.  So it makes sense that her role is what it is.  Lita and Trish are back for a show, so they can be portrayed as legends since they are not working every week.  Mickie obviously wants a full time gig so I am sure she is fine with how she is being used.

When Roman came out to make his announcement on RAW, the announcers were in full hype mode and playing up his current storyline and title defense at Crown Jewel.  Right afterwards, they were clearly emotional when shown on camera.  Were they unaware of the nature of his announcement, and were they as blindsided as the rest of us when he made it?

The word backstage was that all it said on the run sheets was “Roman Reigns promo” or words to that affect so yes, they were surprised as well.

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