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By Dave Scherer on 2018-10-28 10:00:00

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Will Smackdown be preempted on Friday October 25th for the World Series? Or other events? 

There has been no official announcement yet.  My bet is that FOX airs the Series and Smackdown airs on FS1, with lots of reminders during the Series game as to where fans can find Smackdown.

Do you have any objections to Total Divas using footage from Jim Neidhart's funeral as advertising for a future episode of the current season?  If they can use this footage as advertisement, is there anything off-limits for the show?  I'm assuming Natty and her family are ok with it, but if they weren't, do they have the power to go to the producers and get them to not use the footage?

I don’t tell people how to grieve.  If Natty and the family are fine with it, so am I.  I would guess Jim Neidhart would have been fine with it too. 

Meiko Satomura was presented as a legend in the Mae Young Classic, and she responded by delivering the best 2 matches of the tournament (vs. Martinez and Storm).  Are there any plans for WWE to use her after the tournament is done?

She’s on the radar, for sure.

If the language barrier really does have something to do with Asuka's push being slowed down, does it present similar issues when other wrestlers like Kairi Sane and Io Shirai, whose first language is also not English, make it to the main roster?

WWE wants their talents to be able to do promos.  Obviously, that is harder for Asuka since she isn’t a native speaker.  My take is that is part of it, but also that the main roster is about more than just being a great wrestler.  You have to catch Vince McMahon’s eye with your character as well.

Vince said they know what is wrong with the live events, saying they are something of “antiquated” and that they know how to fix it and that is something they are going to be working on and when they do, they expect a turn around.  - Vince saying he is gonna fix something, that is terrifying...My question is this.  I have really begun to enjoy the MLW product.  I find their presentation lots of fun and they have good in ring work.  Is MLW on par size wise with ROH?  Do you see them growing any larger than they are now since they have a TV presence? 

Yeah, that is scary.  I am not sure what Vince can do.  He is right that the shows are antiquated.  The old model used to be give very little away on TV to get people out to the shows and to buy PPVs.  That is not longer the model.  Now, TV is everything.  One way he could fix it is to do less shows but make those that they do bigger, like Saudi Arabia and Australia.  That could be the answer.

As for MLW, they are still behind ROH but they are really new.  I think there is potential for them to grow, for sure.  They are infants right now.  I am enjoying watching their growth.

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