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By Mike Johnson on 2018-10-27 09:46:00

One name I haven't seen mentioned for WWE Evolution is Tammy Sytch.  If you are WWE, do you use her?

I don't even know if Sytch would be allowed to travel to New York to appear currently.  If I am WWE, I would include her in historic footage for sure.  She has technically served her time and I don't have a problem with WWE having her at the show, but probably the best thing for Sytch right now is to just continue to pursue getting her personal life back together.    I think having her in the crowd waving in between matches would be a nice moment to re-legitimize her for the audience, but that moment can come later.  She needs to worry about herself, not worry about "Sunny."

Is there heat on Alexa Bliss for getting hurt and not being able to compete?

No, there isn't.  WWE is well past that point, especially when it comes to brain and head injuries.  All we have heard is concern for her, nothing more.  Certainly, there is always pressure that talents feel to perform but WWE management regularly holds symposiums and counsels them that they do not want them working hurt.  That is a thing of the past as far as WWE is concerned.

Any chance of a Glamour Girls reunion?

I haven't heard anything about WWE bringing in Leilani Kai or Judy Martin but they both deserve to be recognized.

Who should win the Battle Royal?

If it's me making the call, Nia Jax or Ember Moon should get the win.  I feel their story should have led to a bigger role for them instead of a battle royal but perhaps the bigger story will come out of the match.  I'd like to see one of them win.

Why didn't WWE just book Madison Square Garden or the Barclays Center for this PPV?  It  makes no sense going all the way to Nassau.

This was an added show and they needed a venue that was available.  MSG has a Marc Anthony concert tomorrow.    There's a Brooklyn Nets game at the Barclays Center.  Neither venue was an option.  They have pretty much sold out Nassau so from a live event perspective, the location of the venue worked and by being in the NYC market, they were able to score tons and tons of local publicity, which only added to the importance and "historic" nature of the first all-women's WWE event.

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