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By Mike Johnson on 2018-10-26 13:58:00

Konnan has risen in power in Major League Wrestling and will be replacing Bruce Prichard as the company's senior Producer and top agent behind the scenes. 

Prichard, has confirmed, will be leaving MLW in terms of working behind the scenes in what has been said to be an amicable departure.    We are told the doors are open for Prichard to return in another role down the line should something come up and that Prichard and Conrad Thompson's uber-popular Something To Wrestle With podcast will continue on MLW's podcast network.  That podcast has morphed into a WWE Network series, which is potentially being brought back for a second season.

Konnan started behind the scenes for MLW last month in Fort Lauderdale and almost immediately grew into a larger role, running the locker room at the MLW Fury Road event in NYC.  He will be taking over all of Prichard's former responsibilities, which also included gorilla position.  The wrestling side of MLW now has Court Bauer, Konnan and Mister Saint Laurent, who all started the first MLW podcast together years ago, as the trio heading up the wrestling side.   We are told this will have no bearing on Konnan's work with AAA or Impact Wrestling.

Former WWE Creative team member Alex Greenfield works as a producer here, with responsibilities including overseeing pre-taped material and has his hands in a lot of the production.

Tommy Dreamer, Low Ki and Sami Callihan also work behind the scenes as agents for MLW.

The promotion's next event, Fightland, will be 11/8 in Chicago, their debut in the Mid-West.  They will debut in December in Miami.

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