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By Mike Johnson on 2018-10-26 09:48:00

Why is WWE having a man, Michael Cole, as the lead announcer for Evolution?

Cole is in the role so he can do play by play.  I talked about this a few days ago in Elite audio.  Basically, the company didn't want Renee Young or Beth Phoenix to be placed in that role as they had never done it before and don't want to put them in a position like that on live TV for the first time.  They are both very good in color commentary roles but play by play is a different animal.  Cole and Mauro Ranallo were both considered, we are told, and the company made the call to go with Cole.  It wasn't done as a slight on any of the female announcers and I suspect we'll eventually see someone in the lead announcing role for future women's events.

I was wondering if there were any names you were surprised haven't been announced for WWE Evolution?

I really would have liked to have seen WWE bring in Wendi Richter and Rockin' Robin.  I don't think they should be in the ring but it would have been nice to have them represented.  I know at least one of the Jumping Bomb Angels lives in NYC and it would have been nice to bring her in as well.

I am somewhat surprised they aren't utilizing Jazz in the Battle Royal as she's going to be in town working for for the WWR promotion.  I feel the same way about Victoria (Lisa Marie Varon) and I really wish Melina, Tori and Jackie Moore were being brought in as well.  I think all of them certainly deserve at least a moment to be recognized.

Do you think WWE will honor the women who have passed away and if so, do they show The Fabulous Moolah?

I wouldn't be shocked to see them do a video piece showing women from the past who have passed away.  Sherri Martel, Elizabeth, Mae Young. Chyna, etc. all played a big part in building the mythos of the company's women's division.  As far as Moolah, if it was my call, WWE would certainly feature her in any video retrospective on their history.  She was an important part of the women's division for decades and should be remembered as such.  You can't tell the story of WWE without Moolah.

How is WWE going to handle the women getting to TV the next day?

Charlotte, where Raw is, is only a two and a half hour flight from NYC.  My guess is they fly Monday morning to TV, like they would any other week for TV.

Is Charly Caruso doing ESPN a sign she's leaving WWE?

She has said that is not the case.  We are told her deal runs through sometime in the Spring of 2019, so she and WWE have lots of time to come to terms on a new agreement.

Thoughts on Madusa getting back in the ring?

It's just a Battle Royal.  She can appear but not be put in a position where she has to put together a great in-ring performance after 18 years of not wrestling.  She's always been a great athlete and wrestler so I expect she will look fine.

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