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By Mike Johnson on 2018-10-25 10:00:00

We haven't heard anything on how the Evolution PPV has sold in terms of tickets.  Any insight?

There were about 1,000 tickets left for the show the last time I asked, which was about 10 days ago.  All signs are that the show will be close to, if not completely sold out.

Did the NWA 70th Anniversary show sell out?

They were about 100-200 short of a sellout but had over 1,000 fans in the Nashville Fairground Arena.

This is probably not going to make me any friends. So be it.

My first thought when Roman Reigns came out and spoke on Monday's RAW was that it was a work. Having been through multiple cancers myself, I know how absolutely devastating it can be on many levels. But I've also experienced people making false claims of cancer either to get money, attention or some undefined purpose.

Knowing that people dislike the character Roman Reigns and how that's unlikely to change at present, and also knowing how low creative (read: Vince McMahon) can be at times, it just seemed like the perfect way to get Roman off TV for awhile so they can rethink his character before bringing him back.

WWE hasn't given me any real reason to like or support Roman Reigns. Indeed, it seems as if all they care about is that he gets a reaction - any reaction. Same thing with John Cena, by the way.

I hate to think this way because Joe Anoa'i is a good guy. I have nothing against the man himself. And if he truly is going through this, I wish nothing but the best possible outcome for him - ideally permanent remission.

Am I off the wall? Possibly. But, again, when you've seen and experienced all that pro wrestling has offered over the past 50 years, you become jaded and very distrustful even when things take a turn for the worst.

 A 33 year old man with three young children is going home to battle potentially fatal disease. It's not a work.  I don't know how you can look at what happened on Monday and see a work and I am sad for you that you do.   If you are that jaded about pro wrestling, you need a break from it.  Do you really think WWE is going to have a talent come out on live TV in front of the world and a bunch of children live to announce he has cancer and then remove him from all of their plans, have to reboot everything they had planned for the next six months, change a bunch of immediate plans and put the entire roster and staff through that trauma just to get people to cheer someone they are already paying to see.  Seriously, stop.  Future emails from you will be deleted.

With her tremendous wrestling ability as well as an incredible ring presence do you see Deonna Purrazzo moving up to either Raw or Smackdown in no time?

She isn't moving up anytime soon.   The company likes her so they signed her but she's not leapfrogging anyone.  They have a process and she will go through it like everyone else they sign.

Is Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW) still in existence?

We run live reports from their TV tapings every week and they just celebrated their 1,000th episode and run live events, so yes, yes they are.


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