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By Dave Scherer on 2018-10-24 10:00:00

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With Lio Rush now Bobby Lashley’s hype man is this the beginning of a Lashley heel turn?

It sure seems that way.  His attitude has changed a bit and frankly it needed to.  Smiling Bobby wasn’t getting over.  Rush is definitely super annoying and makes me want to boo when he talks.

Why is Teddy Hart so controversial?

Suffice it to say he is extremely unpredictable and promoters don’t like that.  They want people that they can count on and not worry about.

After answering the question about Jeff Jarrett and stating very few are top draws who would you guys say are actual top draws? 

At this point in time it’s really about the brand that is the draw in WWE.  The brand is what generates the money.  USA and FOX are paying for WWE programming, whoever they choose to put in the main event.  WWE has successfully made their brand the top draw.

What was the deal with John Cena's pseudo-retirement speech in Australia? Do you think they could give him one last program with Styles to go for the championship record? Or do you think he'll be content to just do movies and other entertainment stuff from now on?

I think he was just saying what is already clear, with his budding movie career (and his age) he has moved into the role of a part trimer for the company.

Do you think that the reaction to Becky Lynch is similar to that of Daniel Bryan, while inadvertently, making Charlotte the female Roman Reigns?

Becky definitely has the Bryan role.  The fans have gotten behind her and want to cheer her and see her reach the summit.  I don’t think they hate Charlotte like they did Reigns, for the simple reason that Becky got the Title.  WWE didn’t want to give the Title to Bryan so that made the fans angry at whoever got pushed in his place.  Now, if that ends up being what they do with Becky, we can revisit it then.

You can send us questions for the Q and A at

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