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By Dave Scherer on 2018-10-23 10:00:00

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A GIF has been circling around Twitter lately of two IWA wrestlers performing a sunset flip powerbomb through a platform of light tubes. A lot of wrestling icons and indie performers have made clear their opinions: either that it's hyperviolent trash (to gently paraphrase Jim Cornette's opinion), or that it's just one of many offerings in the wide spectrum of pro wrestling. What are your thoughts on the situation?

I understand that some people want to do that kind of spot.  I get that some fans like that kind of spot.  But me?  I side more with Bret Hart.  The business is supposed to be a work, where talents make it look real while minimizing the risks of getting actually hurt.  Obviously, that spot doesn’t do that.  To me, it’s not the kind of wrestling I like to watch but to those that like it, it is.

Where on Earth is Bray Wyatt? Are they saving him for a really juicy comeback? Or more likely, have they finally run out of ideas for him? 

He has been on the sidelines since Matt Hardy got injured and their tag team ended.  He came out of hiding on social media last week so a return may be imminent.

I’ve wanted to email you about this for a couple of weeks based on the rumors but decided to wait for it to happen first: the Shawn Michaels return at Crown Jewel.  I understand the business side of the Saudi shows from a stockholder perspective (I own WWE stock myself) and obviously they have to maximize revenue however they can. But from a fan perspective, are we right to resent this show getting a WM-level event such as Shawn coming out of retirement (and maybe even Daniel Bryan winning the WWE belt too)? It’s just painfully obvious that the Saudi fans get these huge fan-pleasing events, not because of long term storytelling, but for the sole reason that the Crown Prince threw a bunch of money out and said “I want this to happen”  Look at the Chicago crowd - they should have gone ballistic for Shawn returning, but instead most of them sat on their hands. The cynical side of me gets it from the money aspect, but the part of me that’s loved WWF/WWE for 30+ years just feels cheated and underwhelmed. 

I won’t tell anyone how to feel but me?  I don’t mind it a bit.  I get to watch the show on the Network so I don’t feel cheated at all.  If HBK returned in Chicago, for instance, I wouldn’t have been there for it live either.

Do you think that the Evolution PPV and it's timing could in part be a way for WWE to not get so much flack about not having women at the Saudi Arabia event?

I really don’t think WWE looks at it that way.  I think that HHH and Stephanie have been all about empowering women for a while now.  Maybe the timing wasn’t 100 percent coincidental but WWE doesn’t react to fan criticism.  Hell, we have seen that with them moving ahead with the Saudi show!

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