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By Mike Johnson on 2018-10-19 10:00:00

Has there been any talk of honoring former WWE female stars at Evolution?

I haven't heard of a ceremony or anything like that, but a number of former stars are being brought in and I'd love to see the company reach even deeper back into history and bring in Wendi Richter, Rockin' Robin, etc.

If you had to guess a WWE female Hall of Famer next year, who would be your guess?

I can honestly see the company deciding to honor Paige next year.  She has a career-ending injury and is well liked there.  They love her work as Smackdown GM.  She helped set the stage for the current generation of female talents.  She helped shape NXT.  She was the youngest women's champion they ever had.  She has a movie about her life coming out.  There's all sorts of reasons for the company to honor her.  I'd predict her.

I see Tammy Sytch is doing a comeback tour.  Do you think people should refuse to book her?

No.  She served her time and is out on parole.  She has every right to move forward with her life and every right to use pro wrestling to try and make a living as she prepared for the next chapter in her life.  I don't think anything should be held against her unless there's a new issue that comes up, which hopefully never happens.  We've seen how Matt Hardy turned his life around and has been a massive asset again to pro wrestling.  I don't know what Sytch's long-term plans are but I hope she gets to have that same sort of vindication that Hardy found.  She made her mistakes and paid for them and now is her chance to move beyond that.   I sincerely hope she does.

Is Brie Bella wrestling at Evolution?

Well, it appears her story with Maryse is done and she's going to second Nikki Bella against Ronda Rousey.  They could always add her to the Battle Royal though.

Who's going to be the announcing team?

If I was WWE, I'd have it be Beth Phoenix, Paige and Renee Young.  If they don't want Paige in that role, I say give Charly Caruso a shot doing color alongside Renee and Beth.

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