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By Dave Scherer on 2018-10-22 10:00:00

You can send us questions for the Q and A at always has “polls” for instance “should Dean Ambrose go on his own or stay in Shield?” Are they testing waters with these polls to see what majority wants and then possibly book a story line in that direction (or opposite one by VKM logic)  or are they simply entertaining the fans? 

They are done to gain interaction with the fan base.  I am sure that the company looks at the results, but they don’t change their long term plans due to things like poll results (or even fan reactions at the buildings).

I saw you said. Evolution should be a all female event including referees but what about commentary will Michael Cole be doing it or will they go with Rene young and another female?

I expect it will be Renee Young and Beth Phoenix making the call.

What are the potential ramifications to WWE, other than a bunch of angry fans (who will be outspoken on social media but likely still watch the show), of proceeding as planned with the Saudi Arabia show?  Do you predict the loss of any significant sponsors or partners that have current working arrangements with WWE?

WWE is a smartly run company.  I would think that they have talked about the situation with their partners already.  So at this point, I can’t say I see any major defections.  If it ends up they didn’t speak with their partners, and one of them objects to WWE doing the show, we will know soon enough.

Do you see a pattern of WWE not putting much thought into face turns anymore, specifically in the women's division?  We've seen them push women as top heels for months, conditioning the fans to hate them, then all of a sudden team them with another face and expect us to cheer for them and have sympathy for them with no other reason than we cheer for their partner so we must cheer for them?  Just this year we've seen this with Charlotte, Natalya, Carmella, and now Nia Jax.  The recent heel turns of the Bellas and Becky have been done brilliantly, so why put so much less effort into the face turns?

I have seen the pattern of doing sudden turns happening for a while now.  I have always thought it was lazy booking.  I much prefer the turns that are built to, like Ciampa turning on Gargano in NXT.

If all the WWE wrestlers decided as a group that they refused to go to Saudi Arabia for the Crown Jewel PPV, what could/would the WWE do?   The  guys aren’t in a union so they really don’t have any job protections, but they obviously wouldn’t fire the whole roster. How do you see this ending?

I see it not ending well for the talent.  Yes, they can’t fire everyone but they would certainly fire some people for doing that and putting them in a bad situation.  The talent knows it too so I don’t see it happening.  Plus, every talent that worked the first show in the country should work this one too.  Yes, we have the current story ongoing but it’s not like the Saudis haven’t done other things that people could object to in the recent past.

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