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By Mike Johnson on 2018-10-18 10:00:00

I noticed the Rey appearances article on the website and noticed the Manchester England UK date wasn't listed.  Do you know if he's booked on this tour or not? Would have thought WWE wanted him over in Europe for the first time with them in years. 

We haven't gotten any confirmation either way that Mysterio is booked for that overseas tour.

I just read your response to a Q&A question about WWE cutting back on house shows and you mentioned that the house shows aren't bringing in the same money they used to, and Major League Baseball popped into my head immediately.  The MLB has been having attendance for and declining playoff viewership numbers for years, but the teams and the league itself are raking in the cash with the majority of it coming from local tv deals and the advertising that comes from that.   Couldn't WWE do the same thing? Clearly it's not every other day like baseball games, but WWE has a pretty firm list of cities that get 3 to 5 house shows a year. Seems like they could really pull in some good money from allowing local stations to air the events. A lot of local stations have resulted to airing high school football games, I'm sure they would love to use a WWE house show

That's an interesting idea and not all that different from the days of WWE house shows airing on the Madison Square Garden Network, PRISM, NESN, etc.  I don't think this is something WWE will be looking to rush to do (it's possible their FOX and USA Network deals would prevent such a thing) but if not, I could see it being possible that at some point, we could see WWE licensing the rights to air such shows in different markets and then putting them on the WWE Network at a later date.  The only problem I see is that for it to really work for the cable networks, they would have to run certain markets more often.    The other issue would be getting fans in those markets to go to the shows when they could sit at home and watch them on TV.

Why did Impact run a venue so small for their biggest PPV of the year?

It was financially prudent for them to do so.

Whatever happened to Howard Finkel?

He hasn't been seen in public in some time.  Jerry Lawler noted on his podcast awhile back that Howard is having health issues.  We wish him and his family the best.

How can the Impact title be defended on the Ring Warriors TV show?

Impact allowed it.

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