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By Dave Scherer on 2018-10-16 10:00:00

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Given the success of All In and the massive following that Cody and the Bullet Club already had, do you think ROH is running the risk of diminishing its own championship by featuring Cody as the NWA champion on its shows while Jay Lethal, a capable but certainly lower-profile star, has carried the ROH belt rather quietly the last few months?

If I saw it as you do, I would agree.  But, I don’t.  I see Lethal as every bit the star that Cody is so I see no issue.  Both guys matter, a lot, to the company.  ROH gets that they can have more than one top guy.  Plus remember, All In was one show.  The NWA has no TV.  So Cody is an ROH guy (at least for now) with the NWA belt.

With the WWE Network having as many subscriptions as it does at the current price point, why do they still refer to major shows as "pay per views?"  Are there still people that pay $50 or $60 per show to watch?  Do they even still offer that option of buying single shows?  Do you think it's time they re-brand the pay-per-view shows as something along the lines of say, "Network specials," or "Network events?"

They do sometimes refer to the shows as “special events”.  But yes, there are some people who still do buy PPVs.  The number isn’t huge, but there are people that do it.  Even non traditional events like Crown Jewel and Evolution are available for purchase.  Why anyone that has high speed internet would pay that much for the shows, I have no idea.  None.

Why was the decision made to put Lita and Trish in a tag team match instead of separate singles matches?

There are a few reasons.  One, they are both in their forties now and they don’t work full time anymore.  Trish is a mom.  Plus, the fans want to see them win.  But should legend Trish beat Alexa Bliss?  No, since Bliss is a current top star.  So, they can do the tag match and have Mickie James take the pin and send everyone home happy, plus not expect Trish or Lita to have to work a whole match.  It makes sense to me.

With there now being at least several female referees in WWE, do you think it would be a good idea to have a female referee for every match of the Evolution PPV? 

I do. I think it should be an all female event.  I expect that it will be.

Without naming names, unless you want to, are there any WWE employees who are just geniuses at kissing VKM’s rear end, AND who will probably be out of the company after he passes away??

Absolutely yes to both questions.

You can send us questions for the Q and A at

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