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By Mike Johnson on 2018-10-14 12:28:00

As we noted in our coverage of the Impact Wrestling Hall of Fame coverage last night, Impact Wrestling Champion Austin Aries closed the night taking the podium and paying tribute to Abyss before turning the attention on his rivalry with Johnny Impact, "apologizing" for strong words he made about Impact's wife Taya Valkyrie on social media that were later deleted, noting that when you try to cross the lines between reality and fiction, sometimes you make mistakes.  He then asked why he, as champion, wasn't brought into NYC until last night, arriving late for the ceremony and said he felt like apologizing again until he saw Johnny and Taya were on TMZ live using the situation to get themselves attention.

Impact leapt out of his seat and tried to get at Aries with Abyss and Impact officials separating them.  The feed was cut at that point and after it was cut, the two screamed and cursed and kept trying to get at each other, with Abyss using himself as a human shield to pretty much separate Aries from Impact.  There were no brawling but there was some shoving back and forth and Taya began crying.  Finally, the two were removed from the scene.

We'll see how much of that ends up being used as video footage on tonight's PPV, which we will have live, ongoing coverage of starting at 7:30 PM live from NYC.

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