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By Dave Scherer on 2018-10-14 10:00:00

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If there was a match to show the expertise of Pro Wrestling, would the recent Adam Cole/Pete Dunne/Ricochet match be a good example?

I think that would be a great match to show.  If you wanted to show people why you like watching a “worked sport” that would be a great match to choose.  It was fantastic.

Does WWE have any interest in signing Kenny Omega? 

He is absolutely on the company’s radar, no doubt.  At this point, I think the question really is does Omega have interest in them.

Asuka's character has cooled off somewhat ever since the time leading up to Summerslam where she was largely absent from TV.  She just doesn't have the same aura as she used to have.  Now we have Ronda Rousey in the spot Asuka used to occupy as the dominant, unbeatable female.  What is the reason for Asuka's de-push in recent months?  Does the push of Ronda, essentially taking the spot Asuka held as the dominant female, have anything to do with Asuka's de-push?  

No one will confirm this on the record but the feeling among people that I speak with think it’s a combination of her not speaking English as her native tongue, as well as a lot of what makes her character work is that she is dominating in the ring, working fairly stiff.  She is better suited for Japan and NXT than the main WWE roster.

The Mixed match challenges seem to favor more comedy over technical ability than we traditionally see during WWE matches.  Is it by design that they feature more comedy, to appeal more towards the younger demographic?

It is done to appeal to the Facebook audience.  It’s a different kind of show because Raw and Smackdown are the TV staples.  MMC is more personality driven and focuses on the fun aspect of the business and it’s by design.  

What was your thoughts on the Miz Vs Bryan match at Super Show Down? My immediate thought was that it was a botch, because of the short match length, the referee looking like he was checking his earpiece after the fall was counted and the first count was made while he was still sliding into position, and it looked like they were going into time-killing mode afterwards by cutting to the announcers and running through the lineup for the Evolution PPV. What were your thoughts as you watched it, and have you heard anything since as to whether that was always the plan?

I think they did it that way to have a reason why Miz and Bryan aren’t done with each other yet.  A quick, screwy ending isn’t definitive like losing a 20 minute match is.

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