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By Mike Johnson on 2018-10-13 10:00:00

The end of brand-separate PPVs has resulted one of the top championships being a middle-card match every few weeks(AJ Styles).  Add in Wrestlemania and Saudi Arabia shows, the use of established names of years past shoves that championship match (AJ Styles) even further down the card. That said, do you realistically see them having a top NXT Star like Cole, Dream, Gargano or Dream winning the Royal Rumble to move up to the main roster? It’d be a big push/endorsement of an incoming NXT star while not “risking” the PPV on a commodity that isn’t 100% known by the masses.

I don't see how part one of your question actually leads to your question.  The placement of the title has nothing to do with how WWE decides to push the challenger.  Can I see WWE using the Rumble to have a big debuting talent make a big splash?  Absolutely.  Could it be one of the talents you mentioned?  Sure.  It all comes down to what Vince McMahon envisions for those talents if and when they make it to the main roster.

With the very lucrative TV deal, and the WWE network. Do you think it would be beneficial for WWE to slow down or even get rid of their house shows? If not for any reason but to protect their athletes? I know it would be a bummer for the fans in smaller markets but it is a business and it seems to me that their business doesn’t really need house shows anymore.

I see both sides of that idea.  One, the house shows don't bring anywhere near the money they used to, but if the company picks up steam, so will the house show gates.  The positive to stopping the shows is that the talents can rest for the TV tapings, etc.  The potential negative is having them out of the ring allows for a greater chance ot talents getting rusty and doesn't allow them to work out their PPV matches in advance in the ring outside of broadcast events.  I think a better system is to cycle talents out for 4-8 weeks a year to give them time at home while showcasing them on TV in pre-taped material.

 I couldn't believe when I read that Lita was teamin with Trish Stratus to face Alexa Bliss and Mickie James at Evolution.  I guess I should ask how since a long time ago Lita suffered a very serious neck injury doing a stunt on the set of the TV series Dark Angel. The accident lead to surgery being performed .Lita eventually retired from professional wrestling. Has she fully recovered from said injury? With Lita wrestling do you think this might give Paige encouragement to wrestle again? I kmow not for WWE but ROH or maybe even Impact.

I don't know why Lita's return to the ring would be a surprise, since she worked the January Women's Royal Rumble.  Lita retired because she chose to retire, not because she was forced out of the ring by WWE.  A Tag team bout allows her to appear but also be covered from any weaknesses she may have in the ring due to rustiness.  Her situation has zero to do with Paige's deal.  Paige was pulled from the ring by WWE due to health concerns and they don't intend to let her perform again in a physical role.  Could she step in a ring tomorrow, outside of their auspices?  Absolutely, but she would also be putting her health into potential jeopardy.

Since NXT is very popular on the WWE Network and the main roster creatuive looks at 205 Live as a lesser show (but not as bad as Main vent), would it be a good idea to merge the cruiserweights into the NXT brand and make a 2 hour weekly show? The cruiserweight title would be more respected by the full sail crowd and there would be more competition since there are more wrestlers weighing less than 205 currently on NXT.

No.  A two hour should would just make everything less important and make the entire show a larger investment for fans.  The shorter shows make the viewing experience easier for the fan.  I like the idea of taping 205 Live in a much, more intimate venue.

Is there any word on how All In did on PPV?

We have been told that the show did amazing on, but we don't have hard numbers on how it did on PPV or via Honorclub.

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