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By Joseph Piros on 2018-10-12 01:00:00

Pre-show notes: Small crowd of 2,000 or less, similar in size to previous visit.  We do have a hard cam and two handhelds being used to tape the show.  For those that do not know, St. Charles is suburb of St. Louis

Match #1 The Street Profits' Jaxson Ryker & Wesley Blaker.

Match #2 Kassius Ohno defeats Raul Mendoza.  Kassius moves great for his size and really made Mendoza look good.  Multiple two counts each way.

Match #3  Dakota Kai & Candice LeRae defeat Reina Gonzalez and Aaliayah.  Candice pinned Aaliyah for the victory.

Match #4 Johnny Gargano wins by DQ over Lars Sullivan after an intentional ref bump.  After the match, Johnny gets a couple of chairshots on Lars.  Johnny gets loudest pop of the night so far.

Match #5  The Undisputed Era's Roderick Strong & Kyle O'Rilly defeat Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch.  Great match!


Match #6 Ricochet defeats Adam Cole and retains North American championship.  There were some dueling Adam Cole/Ricochet chants, Fight Forever and This Awesome chants.  Second best match of the night.

Match #7 Kairi Sane defeats Lacey Evans with the insane elbow to retain the NXT women’s title. 

MAIN EVENT Tomasso Ciampa beats The Velveteen Dream to retain the NXT title.  Velveteen is playing the face and the crowd loved it.  He got the biggest pop of the night and Velveteen just ate it up.  At one point Velveteen had Ciampa in a figure four around the ring post and Ciampa tapped.  The crowd chants “You tapped out!”.  Ciampa tries to rollup Dream with a handful of tights but the referee breaks it up.  Finally after multiple false finishes going both ways Ciampa gets the win.  Amazing Match!  Dream is destined to be a superstar and sooner rather than later.


Overall a perfectly built card that built to an amazing championship match. 

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