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By Mike Johnson on 2018-10-10 23:47:00

WWE star John Cena appeared on this evening's episode of The Daily Show with Trevor Noah on Comedy Central to promote his children's book Elbow Grease.

When Cena came out, he went into the audience to specifically greet and older couple that he said were the last ones to act like they cared and to stand up and clap.

Noah noted that when he saw Cena getting into movies, he thought that was the end of Cena in WWE.  Cena said they keep calling him for movies and he's thankful but it's not the end of him with WWE.  He said he has to do a bit of a juggling act because movie folks are "leery about insurance" but he hopes it's not the end because he loves going to work every day and he loves doing appearances like this.

Noah said that loves that Cena has been about self-improvement, which is what the book is really about.  The kid's book is an inspirational book about a small monster truck in a big family of monster trucks.  Cena said he has a family that was real even.  They were all even and   when fights started, you had to duck for cover.  Noah said there are themes about being bullied and other deeper themes in the book.  Cena said there are specific sentences in there to appeal to the adults who may read it to their kids.

Noah joked that Cena doesn't have to worry about bullying.  Cena pointed out his hair growing out and how the internet has "teed off" at it.  He said that when you went to school with a shirt and got laughed at, but now the entire world can laugh at you.  He said that when he meets people and they think that becayse he's John Cena, nothing can be wrong, he can specifically talk about a match reaction or the Internet reaction to something he's done.  It's important to him to talk about those reactions and inspire people so they know they aren't alone.

Noah called it one of the most uplifting conversations he's had on the show of late.


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