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By Mike Johnson on 2018-10-10 21:25:00

Welcome to's live, ongoing coverage of Ohio Valley Wrestling 1,000, live from 4th Street in Louisville, Kentucky!

Dean Hill welcomed everyone to the show.

There was a lot of dead air shortly after they went on the air.

OVW TITLE TOURNAMENT: Tommy Dreamer vs. Trinidad Titan Justin Smooth

Titan and Dreamer went back and forth, working over each other's arm.  No commentary apparently.  Dreamer grabbed a side headlock but Titan escaped and they locked up.    They faced off and Titan shoved Dreamer, who responded.   Dreamer shoulderblocked him down.  They locked up and Titan grabbed a side headlock before shoulderblocking Dreamer to the ground.  Dreamer brought him into the corner and nailed a big overhead chop.  Titan responded with one of his own.  They battled back to the floor and back to the ring, where Dreamer missed a charge into the corner.   The announcers suddenly appeared but were very low.  Dreamer was worked over but nailed a cutter for a two count.  Dreamer was whipped into the buckles but kicked off a charge.  He came out running but was caught with a spinebuster for a two count.   Titan caught him with a pump kick and pinned Dreamer.

Your winner, Trinidad Titan Justin Smoothj!

OK match.  Dreamer looked like he was hurting in the ring.  Titan had a good, athletic look.

They went to a series of local commercials, none of which had audio and many of which were pixelizing.

OVW TITLE TOURNAMENT: Randall Floyd vs. Billy Gunn.

Gunn took the mic and played up to the crowd to get them to yell "Suck It."

The announcers were back but were very low.

They locked up and neither man got an advantage.  They circled each other.   Floyd showed some nice mechanical skills.  He took Gunn down and snapped his leg.   Gunn went to the outside to shake it off.  Floyd followed but was nailed with a knee to the gut.   Gunn grabbed him and Floyd tried to battle him off but was shoved into the ring apron.   Gunn brought him back to the ring for a two count.  Gunn locked in a rear chinlock.  Gunn went for a right hand but Floyd ducked and nailed several right hands and a nice dropkick for a two count.   Gunn nailed an elbow as Floyd charged him in the corner.  Gunn went for a Famouser but Floyd avouded it and nailed a head and arms Tazplex for a two count.   The announcers thought it was a three count.  Floyd went for a move but Gunn blocked and nailed the Famouser, scoring the pin.

Your winner, Billy Gunn!

OK match.

It will be Gunn vs. Trinidad in the semi-finals.

Back to the commercials.  This time we can hear them.

OVW TITLE TOURNAMENT: Crimson vs. Jax Dane

The long-time partners had words early on.  Crimson went for a fist bump but Jax grabbed him by the throat and backed him into the corner.   Dane nailed several headbutts.    He elevated Crimson but Crimson escaped from his shoulders.  Dane still shoulderblocked him down.  Dane nailed and overhead belly to belly suplex.  Crimson came back with the Claymore Kick but Dane drilled him with a right hand.   They clotheslined each other at the same time and were both down.  Abyss hit the ring as the referee was distracted by Crazzy Steve and chokeslammed them both.  Crimson and Dane fought their way to their feet and made it back before the ten count, only to then attack Abyss and his crew.  Everyone brawled on the floor.  The referee rang the bell.    They brawled to the back, leaving Abyss alone in the ring.

Abyss cut a promo knocking Kentucky and noting this was the 1,000th episode of OVW.  He threatened the referee and said he wasn't waiting and was ready for his match.  He called out Hurricane Helms.  He mocked him and said there's a Hurricane coming through.  Abyss told his boys to bring him out and they dragged out a beat up, woozy Helms.

OVW TITLE TOURNAMENT: Shane Helms vs. Abyss

Helms was tossed into the ring and was out, prone on the mat.  Abyss menaced the referee until he agreed to ring the bell.  Abyss covered Hurricane in a disrespectful manner but he kicked up at two.   He tried again, but Helms kicked up and began "Hulking Up."  Helms ducked a clothesline and went for a chokeslam.  Abyss shrugged him off and went for one of his own.  Helms broke free and nailed a series of rights.  He went for a bodyslam but couldn't lift him and crashed down.  Abyss twisted his neck, wearing him down.  Helms fired back and Abyss responded in kind.  Abyss nailed him down to his knees and went back to his neck.  Helms came back with a series of clotheslines.  He ducked a charge in the corner and came off with a leaping back elbow off the turnbuckles.  Abyss' minions hit the ring but were hit with a double chokeslam.  Abyss snatched Helms and nailed the Black Hole Slam for the pin.

Your winner, Abyss!

With Dane and Crimson eliminated, Abyss gets a bye all the way to the finals of the tournament.

Out came OVW Women's Champion Jaylee and her back-up the It Girls.  They cut a heel promo but you couldn't hear it on the broadcast.

They finally fixed the audio levels for the announcers as tthe women walked to the ring.

OVW Women's Champion JayLee & Cali & Vali Vermin vs. ODB & Lisa Marie Varon & Megan Monroe

Cali mocked ODB and got knocked on her butt for it.  JayLee mocked Varon for being old and was caught with a hangman's neckbreaker.  Monroe tagged in and controlled Vermin, locking on a single leg Boston Crab.  Cali and Vermin worked over Monroe for a long time, tagging in and out.  JayLee got on Monroe's back for, well, I don't know, but was snapped off.  ODB tagged in and wiped out Cali with a running shoulderblock.   ODB worked over Vermin as well.    ODB whipped them both into the corner and nailed a Bronco Buster.  She covered Vermin but JayLee made the save.  Varon grabbed her in the Widow's Peak.  Monroe grabbed Vermin and held her up for a long vertical suplex before nailing it and scoring the pin.

Your winners, ODB & Lisa Marie Varon & Megan Monroe!

Nothing out of the ordinary here.

They aired a promo for their Saturday Night Special events at the Davis Arena.  It felt like it came from the '80s, in the best way possible.

They introduced some of the luminaries in attendance, bringing out referee Jumping Joe, long-time OVW trainer Rip Rogers, Jim Cornette, Dean Hill and Danny Davis.  They were interrupted by Mike "Nova" Bucci  and a number of former heel champions.  He said they were the one who built this place.  He told the luminaries they need to show respect for the wrestlers, because they all look like they were going to die someday.  Cornette said he would be happy to show respect to some wrestlers if Nova could go find some.  Out came a team of babyfaces.  Rocco Bellagio said that Nova was disrespecting the founding fathers of OVW and they were going to kick their ass.  This set up at ten man tag with Nova & Paul Burchill & Jay Bradley & Adam Revolver & ? vs. Rocco Bellagio & Michael Hayes & Randy Royal & Tyler Matrix & ?.  All chaos all over.  Team Nova worked over Hayes for a long time until his prosthetic leg came off, allowing a hot tag.  Matrix teased a dive onto everyone on the floor, but Revolver tripped him.  Nova got decked by Danny Davis, setting up the finish.  Exactly what it should have been, showing up a bunch of old faces.

They aired a OVW wrestling school promo.

OVW TITLE TOURNAMENT SEMI-FINAL: Billy Gunn vs. Trinidad Titan Justin Smooth.

Gunn tried to shoulder tackle Titan down but he was too strong and they bounced off each other.  He dared Titan to do it to him but drilled him with a big right as he rebounded.   Trinidad drilled him right back.  Gunn tossed Trinidad to the floor.   Gunn followed to the floor, nailing a right hand and smashing him into the barricade.  He tossed Trinidad back into the ring.  He peppered Trinidad with rights in the corner.  Gunn teased a big splash in the corner but missed.  Trinidad went for a DDT but Gunn evaded it and nailed the Famouser.   Trinidad kicked out, which the announcers put over as a major deal.  Gunn was shocked.  He went for another but was speared and pinned.

Your winner, Justin Smooth!

Shiloh Jones vs. Rap star Open Mike Eagle . 

Jones did a rap,  Badly.  Eagle said he was wack and that's why he was here to kick his ass.  He then introduced Ken Anderson.  Anderson said he was here to make sure things were kept honest.  He then introduced WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley.

Eagle easily took Jones to the mat and messed with his hair at the bell.   Jones took control of Eagle and worked him over, whipping him into the buckles and chopped him.  Shilah did a Spinaroonie  Eagle nailed  achip and an atomic drop.  Eagles was tripped by Jones' second.  Eagles made a comeback and nailed a rana, which got a big pop, for a two count.  One of Jones' lackeys, Big D, hit the ring but Anderson took him out.  Foley menaced Jones with Mr. Socko, which allowed Eagle to roll up Jones and score the pin.

Your winner, Open MIke Eagle!

Abyss vs. Trindad Titan Justin Smooth to crown new OVW Champion

The signal for the show went out as Abyss made his way to the ring.

It returned weith Abyss choking Smooth against the ropes.  Smooth made a comeback but was kicked down to the mat as he rebounded off the ropes.  Abyss again choked him against the ropes.  Smooth made a comeback but Abyss' crew, The Void came out.  They ran interference, distracting the referee, allowing Abyss to work him over.  Abyss finally missed a splash in the corner, allowing Smooth to nail a big spinebuster, which looked really impressive.  Smooth went to the top rope but members of the Void tripped him.  Smooth was placed back into the ring.  Abyss grabbed a chair but the referee took it away.  Abyss shioved him.  Smooth caught him with a DDT.  Abyss went to hit him with a chair but Smooth ducked and kicked the chair into his head for a two count.  Abyss came back with the Black Hole Slam and scored the pin.

Your winner and new OVW Champion, Abyss!

The show went off the air with Abyss and The Void posing in the ring.


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