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By Mike Johnson on 2018-10-10 12:51:00

For those of you in the Gulf Coast area, especially Florida, that are in the path of Hurricane Michael, everyone here at sends our best to you.  Be safe and be careful.

For those who have asked, there is no word yet whether the Hurricane will cause a change to the planned WWE NXT events in Tampa and Ocala, Florida this weekend.  NXT is set to tape TV this Wednesday at Full Sail University.

NXT TV is taping this weekend in Plymouth, Great Britain.  If anyone is attending, we are seeking spoiler reports.  Wrestletalk in the UK has reported there is an expected TV deal to be announced for the NXT UK brand tomorrow.  The company had been in talks and had pitches to a number of TV broadcasters in the market including ITV, Channel 4 and BT Sport based on the idea that it would be the company's first local content offering, made in the UK with UK talents for the UK, including Nigel McGuinness as the host.  At one point, there were plans to brand the potential series King of the Ring as well.

John Cena will appear on tonight's edition of The Daily Show with Trevor Noah to promote his new children's book Elbow Grease.  He has a signing on 10/12 at the Philadelphia Public Library.

Matt Turk sent the following....John Cena appears this week on the Sports Illustrated Media Podcast, hosted by Jimmy Trania.  You can find it in the I-Tunes store. By my count, this is only the second time, I can remember Cena doing someone's podcast, the first being the Edge and Christian podcast.

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