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By Paul Jordan on 2018-10-10 12:49:00

This week's updates to the Highspots Wrestling Network streaming service, which you can order at this link:

Hitting The Highspots: Australian Edition

Rob Naylor sits down with some of the top Australian Indie wrestling talent today in Jonah Rock, Robbie Eagles, and Adam Brooks. This interview was conducted in the wee hours of the morning after the 2018 Battle of Los Angeles Stage One Event.

All three men talk in great detail about how important BOLA and PWG was for them. Each has their own story on how they got there and Rob Naylor was able to bring those stories into the light. So, sit back and enjoy Rob Naylor is Hitting the Highspots with this Australian trio.

Plus they touch on all the stereotypical Aussie things like Koalas, Kangaroos, Outback Steakhouse, and of course Outback Jack.

Bar Wrestling 20 Ain’t My First Rodeo Drive

1. Eli Everfly vs Teddy Hart

2. RockNES Monsters vs Violence Unlimited

3. Rocky Romero vs Douglas James

4. Joey Ryan & PPRay vs Luchasaurus, Super Panda, & PJ Black

5. Delilah Doom vs Heather Monroe

6. Watts & Scorpio Sky vs Brian Cage & Eli Drake

Northeast Wrestling presents The Time is NOW -Hudson Valley Community Center 9/14/2018

1. Christian Casanova vs. Mike Verna

2. The Royal Graysons vs. Ron Zombie & Chris Battle

3. Bill Carr vs. Dylan Bostic

4. Karen Q. vs. Kasey Catal

5. NEW Tag Team Title Match: Adrenaline Rush vs. The Perfect Gamble

6. Vik Dalishus addresses the Crowd

7. JT Dunn vs. Brad Hollister

8. NEW Title Match: Hale Collins vs. Jack Swagger

9. King Brian & Anthony Battle vs. David Arquette & “Hurricane” Shane Helms

2 Worlds Collide

1. Ostgard vs. Rob Killjoy

2. Zuka King vs. John Skyler

3. Mr. Sleaze vs. Ace Armstrong

4. The Chosen 2 vs. The Soul Patrol vs. High Profile vs. The Sons of Steel

5. Battle Royal

6. TJ Boss vs. JC Harper

7. Ken Magnum vs. James Drake

ESW Falling Leaves Festival (09/28/2018)

1. Daniel Garcia vs Gavin Glass

2. Dakoda Orion vs Mike Skyros vs Nick Marek

3. Vinnie Moon open challenge

4. Colin Delaney vs Kevin Blackwood5. Megan Meyers vs Kate Carney

6. ESW Tag Team Title: The Landlord & Sebastian Braun vs Game Over (James Sayga & Vince Valor) (c)

7. Atticus Cogar vs Kevin Bennett

8. Megabyte Ronnie (with The Lucha Dog) vs Puf

9. Cloudy vs Shannon Moore

Swerve City Podcast Episode 9 "Don't Waste Them" Feat. Andrew Everett & Jason Cade

Swerve City Podcast -Live In Seattle! Feat. Brian Cage, Melissa Santos, Jimmy Havoc & Mondray Gee

FEST - 2nd Anniversary Bash 9.8.18


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