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By Mike Johnson on 2018-10-08 10:27:00

I neglected to write about this last week when we ran the official press release announcing that tickets for the 2019 WWE Royal Rumble in Phoenix, Arizona would go on sale this week, but the weekend will feature the first-ever AXXESS event held over a Rumble weekend.  The WWE's interactive fan experience has been a staple of Wrestlemania weekends for years while an AXXESS was recently announced for Summerslam 2019 weekend in Toronto.  

The Rumble weekend AXXESS will be held Friday evening, all day Saturday (multiple sessions) and Sunday morning at the Phoenix Convention Center.  AXXESS features autograph and photo sessions, a WWE Hall of Fame memorabilia display, booths featuring WWE community outreach partners, backdrops for photo opportunities, a children's play area and more.

It will be interesting to see if the company will host an AXXESS at Survivor Series next year as well, perhaps making AXXESS part of making the cornerstone PPV weekends an event bigger spectacle for fans attending the events.

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