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By Dave Scherer on 2018-10-10 10:00:00

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I loved Fighting Spirit Unleashed, but kind of bummed that the Walter Pyramid did not sell out for this event. I'm sure there was a lot of culprits such as being in the same state all the time, them releasing a card the same week. I think NJPW should rethink on how to do their American expansion.

They do need to rethink their plan, for sure.  It’s great they have done business there before, and also that they sold out MSG so quickly, but now they know they can’t take the “if we build it, they will come” approach.  They need to get the word out and let fans know when they will be running.  I see it as growing pains as they break into the US market.  I think they will learn from it.  And to everyone who said it was “over for WWE” because of All In and MSG, you can take time to reflect on that.

Back in late 96/early 97, WWE debuted a show called Shotgun Saturday Night that was broadcasted live from unique locales in and around New York City.  Is there any plans to have these shows listed on the WWE Network?

They own it.  It’s just a matter of preparing the content to be in the right format to air on the Network.  They have to make sure it’s OK to broadcast, check royalties, etc.  

So Drake Maverick is now the manager for AOP.  I think he will do good job.  However, what was the reason for dropping a legend like Paul Ellering as their manager?  I think he could have elevated the team on Raw!

At first the rumor was that he didn’t go on the road, but then Ellering tweeted that was not the case.  My hunch is that they wanted someone younger with the AOP.

What is with the storyline with Kevin Owens?  First he quits on Raw, then the following week he is attacking Lashley.  Any idea what the purpose of the storyline was?

That was it.  They never explained it beyond that.

GREAT SITE as always.  I have a question on Luke Harper.  One thing that WWE has done right for sure this year is to make the Bludgeon Brothers Bad asses.  Luke Harper is now without Rowan for who knows how long.  It seems pulling the trigger on him for a run with the U.S title would make sense.  He is a believable threat to any title at this point and Shinsuke isn't really over as a heel or a face at this point.  

I would have no problem with that.  Harper is really good and I would like to see what he could do as a single.  But, WWE has shown no desire of putting him out there by himself, for whatever reason, so it probably won’t happen.

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