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By Mike Johnson on 2018-09-24 21:38:00

As noted by the Raw announcers during the six woman tag team bout featuring The Bellas and Natalya vs. The Riott Squad, Liv Morgan was removed from ringside and taken to the trainer's room in order to be examined after appearing to have been knocked out on her feet.

Very early on in the bout, Morgan was taking a series of Yes Kicks from Brie Bella when one connected a little high and nailed her in the face.  Morgan went right down but was still able to kick out of a pinfall attempt.  She got involved later in the bout during a triple suplex spot, but once that spot was completed, officials had her removed from the ring and take backstage.

We are told they are putting Morgan through a series of tests to determine if she may have suffered a concussion.  More as we confirm it.

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