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By Mike Johnson on 2018-09-18 16:16:00

Former Impact Wrestling star Amanpreet Singh Randhawa aka Mahabali Shera has been released by World Wrestling Entertainment, has confirmed with multiple sources.

WWE signed Randhawa, 27 in February 2018.  He originally broke into the business as part of the Ring Ka King TV series that Impact produced in 2011 for the Indian television market, winning the promotion's championship belt from Sir Brutus Magnus (Nick Aldis.)

After Ring Ka King shuttered operations, Randhawa was signed to Impact in 2014 and brought over to the United States, where he became part of James Storm's Revolution stable before finally standing up to Storm and having a short feud with the former TNA Champion.  The idea was to have him as a big star for the Indian market, as Sony SIX ended up becoming (and still is) the number one television rights revenue source for Impact.  When the company later taped TV there in 2017, he won the SIX Invitational Trophy and was presented with the trophy by the CEO of the Network:

Although he was involved in undercard storylines for the next several years, his time as Mahabali Shera in Impact may be summed up with the Shera Shuffle dance, which Impact attempted to promote as a cult deal. 

Randhawa  remained with Impact until September 2017 when his contract was not renewed due to the ongoing budget cuts in the comany.  It did not become public knowledge until November of that year when Impact removed him from their roster in November of that year.

Randhawa never worked WWE NXT TV but trained at the WWE Performance Center.  Using the Mahabali Shera ring name and his given name at different times, he did appear on a number of NXT live events.



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