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By Paul Crockett on 2018-09-14 00:55:00

Chaotic Wrestling

September 13, 2018

Woburn, MA

MATCH ONE: John Walters v. Elia Markopolous

This one was a struggle, but it wasn’t terrible.  It seemed like they couldn’t get on the same page and it was a lot of chinlocks back and forth.  Elia was doing his heel crowd work, but it wasn’t enough to save the match.  Walters got the win with the Gory Special Bomb.  Elia’s losing streak after dropping the title continues.

MATCH TWO: Cam Zagami v. Brett Domino

Domino came out with a new look, including a jacket and glasses.  He took the mic and put himself over.  Before he could continue, Cam’s music hit and he came out.  Cam took the mic and said he’s been too nice for too long and dropped Domino with a superkick.

This match didn’t go all that long and I’m confused by the layout.  Domino just recently turned heel on his injured tag team partner DL Hurst and this is his debut as a heel.  The match was probably 95/5 for Cam and it did Domino no favors.  Cam ended up getting the win and Domino didn’t look great.  If the idea is to make Domino a goof, then it was successful.

WINNER: Cam Zagami

Tripilicious out with Christian Casanova for an interview with Rich Palladino.  He asked his thoughts about Summer Chaos last month and Christian’s loss to JT Dunn in the main event.  He ran down Rich and handed the mic to Casanova.  He said the only reason he lost is because he was hungover from his wild birthday celebration.  He said JT stole one on him and he wants his rematch. Tripilicious took the mic and said there is no talent in the back when Brian Milonas came out.  Milonas said the Heavyweight Title scene always concerns him, so if he wants to prove himself, he should get rid of Tweedle Dumb (Trips) and beat him.

MATCH THREE: Brian Milonas v. Christian Casanova (with Tripilicious)

Lots of interference from the outside.  Trips slipped Casanova a chain which he used against Milonas then followed it with a top rope axe kick for the win.  The match was okay, but the constant interference and the chain clearly being in Casanova’s hand at one point made the ref look stupid which I never like.  Also, the one weakness Casanova has as a heel is his lack of intensity and believability during the heat, which was again on display here.  Especially against the 400-pound Milonas where you need a lot more of it.

Still, Casanova has a lot of potential and was still good for most of the match, and Milonas did good selling considering his size.

WINNER: Christian Casanova

MATCH FOUR: New England Championship – “Retrosexual” Anthony Greene (with the Platinum Hunnies) v. Josh Briggs v. “Man of Steel” Mike Verna

They did what they could with the time they had.  It was nonstop from bell-to-bell and it felt like it went 6-8 minutes at most, which was disappointing given how talented all three are.  I feel like they could have done more.  The story was Briggs and Verna accidentally hitting each other at certain points.  The finish saw Briggs hit Verna with the Feast Your Eyes, with Greene sneaking in and tossing Briggs out to steal the win.

After the match, Briggs went to double chokeslam the Platinum Hunnies which got a puzzled reaction from the crowd.  Then Verna saved them and they went back and forth, which was odd given they’re both babyfaces.  They ended up tossing Greene out of the ring and doubleteaming Greene’s obnoxious sign guy.  Interesting segment to say the least.

WINNER: Anthony Greene


MATCH FIVE: Bear Country (Bear Bronson & Bear Beefcake) v. The Logan Brothers (Matt & Bryan)

Both teams came up short in a three-way against the Tag Team Champions Maine State Possee, so this is to determine the Number One Contenders.

I really enjoyed this match for a couple of reasons.  Unlike the Zagami-Domino match where the lobsided nature of the match didn’t make sense, Bear Country dominating most of the match made sense because it established the young new team as a force in the division.  They were in control for most of the match against the stalwart team.  It made them an exciting number one contender.

I also enjoyed it because they little bit of offense the Logans got in also made sense and it got them a nearfall which was well done.  At one point they also used their patented powder, and this time, the ref was down when they did it.  Bear Country got the win with some double team work.  After the match they continued the beatdown to come off even scarier.

WINNERS: Bear Country

MAIN EVENT: Chaotic Heavyweight Title – JT Dunn (with Sammi Lane) v. “Most Marketable” Richard Holliday

Holliday beat Dunn in a non-title match to earn the shot.

JT always has good title matches and this was no different.  The thing that stood out in this one was the work of Holliday.  He was fully confident in his character and his performance and it really stood out.  Holliday showed good poise and believability in his offense and getting the heat on Dunn and should be applauded for it.

Dunn got the win with the Death by Elbow.


After the match, Dunn called out Christian Casanova.  Casanova came out with Tripilicious.  Dunn said he’s the man in Chaotic.  He then asked Casanova if he enjoyed kicking Sami in the face last month at Summer Chaos. He then clocked Casanova with the microphone.  They all started fighting, with Lane taking down Trips to a big pop.  They ended up brawling until security broke it up and they did the pull apart.  Dunn then said at the next show he’s going to beat down Casanova with the title on the line.

Overall the show was okay.  Some questions with where they are going long term, but the show got Bear Country over and had a standout performance from Holliday.

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