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By Mike Johnson on 2018-09-13 10:00:00

Kurt Angle is on his Facebook page writing about how Triple H and Stephanie McMahon aren't calling him back and he doesn't know when his vacation will end or if he's returning to WWE.  Work or shoot?

All storyline.

I was wondering what the 205 Live talents being on Raw means for the brand.

That is a great question and I don't believe there's any real answer yet.   It may be that WWE creative just wants to use the talents in secondary roles to assist The Authors of Pain or Bobby Lashley or this is step one to some of those Raw personalities crossing over to 205 Live to help that show.  No one seems to know the deal yet and whether there will be more crossovers to come.  I have really liked the 205 Live brand as it has been presented in recent months, so I hope this doesn't dilute it.

How do the WWE names get picked for the videogames.  Again this year we have the Rock N' Roll Express but no British Bulldogs or Killer Bees.  Who makes the picks?

It's a combination of WWE and 2K.  I know in the past that 2K has suggested names that get shot down because those talents don't have current WWE legends deals or that they are estranged from the company.  WWE turned down the idea of Goldberg for years until agreeing.  It also makes more sense to utilize talents WWE has agreements with first.

I really enjoy the Legends of Extreme show you do for Highspots.  I was wondering, especially with the more over the top stuff involving New Jack and Sandman, what gets left on the cutting room floor?

I don't believe anything has been cut, for better or worse.    What you have when you watch is pretty much what happens.  The only edits are jumping from camera to camera and whatever material is edited in for b-roll in the form of photos or videos.  Thanks for watching!

Tell the truth - did you ever want to step into the wrestling ring?

I have stood inside wrestling rings, but if you mean as a performer, NO.

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