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By Paul Jordan on 2018-09-12 14:13:00

This week's additions to the Highspots Wrestling Network:

Ego's Amigos A.C.H. ALL IN

On this episode of Ego's Amigos we got the Troll Boyz back together but in spirit of ALL IN we got everyone involved in this interview. Sorry ACH!!!

We brought back a loud mouth king, got the interview dirty with the Dirty Rook, and even had an alleged prostitute killer hang out on this very special episode.So sit back enjoy the stories and enjoy the laughs on this episode of Ego's Amigos filmed during ALL IN weekend at like 2AM or some S#!t like that.

CZW: Down With The Sickness (2018 Rough Cut)

1. CZW Hall of Fame Induction

2. Brandon Kirk vs. Max Caster

3. Anthony Greene vs. Dan O'Hare

4. The Help (The Abominable CPA & Smart Mark Sterling) Interview

5. Conor Claxton vs. Mance Warner

6. CZW Tag-Team Titles: BLKOUT (Ruckus & BLK Jeez) vs. The REP (Nate Carter & Dave McCall) (c)

7. The Office confront Mitch Vallen

8. Shook Crew (Bobby Orlando & Bryce Donovan) vs. Massage Force (VSK & Dorian Graves)

9. Joe Gacy vs. Rickey Shane Page

10. CZW WIRED Title: Jordan Oliver vs. KC Navarro vs. Blackwater vs. Ace Austin (c)

11. Chri$ Ca$h Memorial Ladder Match: CZW World Title Opportunity: Alex Reynolds vs. John Silver

IGNITE Wrestling Presents Ready For War

IGNITE Invitational First Round Elimination Match: Alex Cruz vs Justin Black

IGNITE Invitational First Round Elimination Match: Rex Bacchus vs CT Brown

IGNITE Invitational First Round Elimination Match: Carlos Gabriel vs Andrew Merlin

IGNITE Invitational First Round Elimination Match: Aaron Epic vs Troy Hollywood

Tag Team Match: Tech vs IFYH

IGNITE Invitational Semi Final Match: Alex Cruz vs Rex Bacchus

IGNITE Invitational Semi Final Match: Aaron Epic vs Carlos Gabriel

Punk Pro Wrestling Title Match: Tripp Cassidy vs Gabe Lacey

IGNITE Wrestling Women’s Championship Match: Aspyn Rose (Champion) vs Katarina Perez

IGNITE Invitational Tournament Finals Match: Alex Cruz vs Aaron Epic

Inspire Pro presents “War O’clock High” held March 25th 2018, AFS Cinema, Austin TX

Ricky Starks VS Ryan Davidson

Andy Dalton, Kody Lane & Masada VS Ashton Jacobs, Robert Barnes & T-Ray

Ethan Price VS Gino

Inspire Pro Title Match: Terrale Tempo (c) VSJordan Len-X

Matthew Palmer VS Massive

Steve O Reno VS Joey Janela

Thunder Rosa VS Kylie Rae

Inspire Pro Pure Prestige Title: ACH (c) VS Davey Vega VS Zac Taylor

Inspire Pro presents “There is No Tomorrow” - Held May 27th, 2018 AFS Cinema, Austin, TX

Delilah Doom VS J. Serious

Thunder Rosa VS Nicole Savoy VS Xia Brookside

Zac Taylor VS Joey Ryan VS D’Marco Wilson VS B-Boy

Matt Tremont VS Ryan Davidson

Twin Dragon Connection Title Match: Heavy Hearts VS Pump Patrol

Gino/Massive VS Palmer/Mystery Partner

#1 Contender Match: MJF VS Ricky Starks

Inspire Pro Championship: Terrale Tempo (c) VS Ethan Price

No Mercy Gauntlet III

Inspire Pro: Fade To Black 3 - Nov 12th, 2017 at AFS Cinema, Austin Texas

The Submission Squad VS The New Movement

Lumberjack Match: Ryan Davidson VS Jordan Len-X

Gino Medina VS Kody Lane

Rex Andrews VS Andy Dalton

Team Thunder Rosa VS Roxy Castillo’s Portfolio

Inspire Pro Twin Dragon Connection Title Match: Davey Vega (c) VS Seriously Heavy

Inspire Pro Pure Prestige Title: Sammy Guevera (c) VS ACH VS Jeff Cobb VS Matthew Palmer VS Masada

Inspire Pro Title Match: Steve O Reno (c) VS Terrale Tempo

Inspire Pro presents “Battle Dreams” - July 1st 2018, AFS Cinema, Austin Texas

Undefinable Championship: Delilah Doom VS Kris Wolf

Twin Dragon Connection Championship: Steve O Reno & Andy Dalton VS Heavy Hearts (c)

Tag Tornado Scramble: Becker/Remington VS Gino/Massive VS The Horde

Ryan Davidson VS Tim Storm

Undefinable Championship Contender MAtch: Thunder Rosa VS Cam Cole VS Cherry Ramons VS ???

8 Man Tag: Price, Taylor, Lane & Starks VS Tempo, T-ray, Jacobs, & MJF

Pure Prestige Championship: ACH(c) VS Jeff Cobb VS Joey Janela

ESW 4th and Gold (08/25/2018) - August 25, 2018

1. Brandon Thurston vs Kevin Blackwood

2. Atticus Cogar vs Sebastian Braun

3. Handcrafted (Gregory Iron & RJ City) vs Oliver Street Express (Randy P & Andy C)

4. ESW Interstate Title: Anthony Gaines (c) vs Frankie Feathers

5. Vinnie Moon open challenge

6. Nick Ando vs Ace Romero

7. ESW Tag Team Title: North America's Most Wanted (Daniel Garcia & Tarik) vs Game Over (James Sayga & Vince Valor) (c)

8. Puf vs Space Monkey vs Kikutaro

9. Kate Carney vs Allysin Kay

10. Brody King vs "Big Time" Bill Collier

11. Cloudy vs Mr. Brickster

12. ESW Heavyweight Title: Kevin Bennett vs Pepper Parks (c)

CWF Mid-Atlantic presents "SUMMER BASH" held July 14, 2018 in Chapel Hill, NC

1 - Rising Generation League Title Match: "Cowboy" Kool Jay (c) vs. "Pitbull" Steven Idol

2 - Aaron Biggs & ??? vs. Donnie BitDon & Mace Li

3 - "Battle of the Johnny Weaver Cup Champions" - Chet Sterling vs. Arik Royal

4 - Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Title Rematch: "Redemption" (Michael McAllister & Nick Richards) (c) vs. The Dawson Brothers

5 - Double Crown Title Match (Mid-Atlantic Hwt. Title & CWF Worldwide Title): Trevor Lee (c)(c) vs. Aric Andrews

6 - "Hurricane" Shane Helms & Snooty Foxx vs. "Corruption" (Ethan Alexander Sharpe & Cain Justice)

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