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By Mike Johnson on 2018-09-10 12:22:00

With the last tickets released following production decisions being finalized, a very limited amount of tickets for the 4/6 Ring of Honor & New Japan G1 Supercard event in Madison Square Garden are currently available in the 300 sections of MSG, priced at $56.00.  They are available now at

Given how fast the tickets went for the original on-sales of the events, these are not likely to last, so if you are seeking to attend the show live the night before Wrestlemajia 35, this will likely be your most afforable way to do so.

Already announced for the event are Kazuchika Okada, Marty Scurll, Bully Ray (who will become the trivia answer to who was the first wrestler to work for both WWE and ROH in the Garden), Hiroshi Tanahashi, Matt Taven, The Briscoes and Tetsuya Naito.   

G1 Supercard will be the first non-McMahon family related pro wrestling date since the 1960s in the history venue.  It's the most historic date in Ring of Honor history as they will have officially broken the long-standing no compete policy WWE has had with the Garden, shattering ROH's attendance and live gate record. 

Shortly after the plan for ROH to run the Garden was announced, the date was actually pulled by MSG.  At the time, ROH COO Joe Koff told, "You know, I’m going to tell you Mike because you are asking.  I’m not going to discuss beyond this statement because I am not going to litigate this in the press.  We had a deal with [Madison Square] Garden and they then told us they were backing out after communications from the WWE.  We are not able to get any other dates in any kind of discussion.  I’m expecting that our lawyers will be contacting all the parties involved and the best we can hope is that we can find a resolution, so we can bring the kind of energy and excitement that ROH and our partner New Japan to a bigger audience and to bigger arenas and to the fans of New York City."

Several weeks later, Ring of Honor officially announced the date and that New Japan would partner with them on the show.  The implication has been that MSG changed their mind on pulling the date once attorneys got involved, but ROH has consistently declined to comment on what changed MSG's position with Koff explaining that it's MSG's story to tell, if they ever do.  The show immediately sold out and once the current slate of tickets are gone, will be sold out again.

The G1 Supercard is currently slated to stream live online via Honorclub and New Japan World. 

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