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By Dave Scherer on 2018-09-12 10:00:00

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Do you think Sid Vicious is someone that will get into the WWE Hall Of Fame in the next few years?

Given the other people that are in the Hall, sure.  I would have no problem with Sid getting in. 

Do you think when all is said and done that for his contributions to the industry and the influence those contributions had in ushering in the Women's evolution not only in WWE but industry-wide that Dave Prazak is a Pro Wrestling Hall of Famer?

I absolutely think he deserves a spot.  His contributions to women’s wrestling alone earn him a spot.

What do you expect wrestling match wise from Undertaker and Triple H? Based on what I saw between Taker and Cena it looked like it was booked to protect Taker from getting too physical. Last year against Roman Reigns it looked like Taker was done. And I don't mean because he lost he just physically looked like he was done. I like seeing Taker. His presence is walking down the aisle is amazing on its own. But I can't imagine seeing him in a competitive match. Has there been any news that he's gotten physically better?

I expect it to be very similar to Cena vs. Taker from Saudi Arabia.  The match will feature two legends and they will be over with the fans to the nth degree.  They don’t need to kill themselves.  They just need to do what Cena and Taker did and the fans will be happy.

Are the sudden and unexplained heel/face turns getting out of hand?  After the Shield reunited and you went in depth on this site about the obvious Roman heel turn, we saw him and the Shield turn face the very next week!  While this is going on, you have a top babyface in Braun Strowman turning heel to join forces with a top heel duo of Dolph and McIntyre.  And just this week you have a top female heel and former champ Carmella team with perennial babyface R-Truth, put them against the top heel duo of Miz and Maryse, and suddenly we are supposed to cheer for Carmella.  I get that WWE tends to throw logic out the window sometimes, but how is anyone supposed to follow these constant turns out of nowhere?

I did not do that.  Mike did.  I saw no Roman turn.  What you don’t take into account is if Roman turned, so did Dean and Seth.  Strowman was trying to cash in MITB like a heel.  I am surprised anyone saw it differently.  As for things being explained, well WWE has ignored explanations for a while now.

So Kevin Owens quits on Raw, then shows up a week later to attack Bobby. What the hell was the point of any of that? Couldn't he at least show up for a week or so as Juan Owens?

I got nothing.  It makes no sense to me either.  It reminded me of when Dolph Ziggler quit as US Champ for no reason.  The only thing that would make sense is if Owens thought he may need time off for some reason, and then found out that he didn’t.

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