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By Adam Cardoza on 2018-09-01 00:27:00

Chikara - King of Trios (Night 1)

8/31/18 - Easton, PA

Chikara is bringing their yearly single-elimination King of Trios tournament back to its home at the Palmer Funplex, after going to the UK last year and spending most of 2018 running shows from the Chikara Wrestle Factory in Philly. Tonight is the first round of 16 Trios battling it out for survival. Here are the teams:

Ancient Order of the Nations (Mick Moretti, Jack Bonza, and Adam Hoffman)

Dark Lords of the Proteus (Volgar, Callux, and Frantik w/ Dr. Nicodemus)

The F.I.S.T. Order (Icarus, Travis Huckabee, and Tony Deppen)

Galactic Wildlife Commission (ThunderFrog, Air Wolf, and Wildcat)

The Millennium Throwbacks (Dasher Hatfield, Mark Angelosetti, and Boomer Hatfield)

The New Republic (El Hijo del Ice Cream, Ice Cream, Jr, and Kikutaro)

The Nexus Alliance (PJ Black [formerly Justin Gabriel], Michael Tarver, and Fred Rosser [formerly Darren Young])

The Ohnaka Gang (Rey Bucanero, Pierre Carl Ouellet, and Katarina Leigh [formerly Katie Leigh Burchill])

Raiders of the Beyond (Chris Dickinson, Cam Zagami, and Brian Milonas)

The Regime (Juan Francisco de Coronado, Rick Roland, and Sloan Caprice)

The ResistANTce (Fire Ant, Green Ant [II], and Thief Ant)

The Shimmer Collective (Madison Eagles, Shazza McKenzie, and Jessica Troy)

Sisters of the Mighty (Solo Darling, Molly Holly, and Aja Perera)

Society of the Deep (Merlok, Hermit Crab, and Cajun Crawdad w/ Oceanea)

Tokyo Joshi Freedom Fighters (Miyu Yamashita, Yuka Sakazaki, and Shoko Nakajima)

Xyberhawx Techno Union (Razerhawk, Nytehawk, and Danjerhawk)

Match 1: Xyberhawkx Techno Union vs Ancient Order of the Nations

It’s speed vs power here. The birbs use their high flying offense to stay ahead of their bullying foes. They get a near fall after triple teaming Moretti. The Nation clears the ring and puts Razer away with a cheerleader scaffold splash. Hot open. I enjoyed this.

Winners: Ancient Order of the Nations

Match 2: The ResistANTce vs Dark Lords of the Proteus

It’s a wild brawl until Volgar clears the ring, tossing Fire over the corner post. Green & Thief Ant try to hold thier own, refusing to stay down despite the beatdown they’re getting. It’s clear the Proteus Wheel is here to squash bugs and not win matches. Fire Ant finally makes it back, dropping Frantik on head for the pin. From a technical standpoint, this was kind of a mess. The teams didn’t click and there were a bunch of spots that just went sideways throughout the match. 

Winners: The ResistANTce

Match 3: The Nexus Alliance vs The Regime 

Juan gets carried to the ring by the Closers, making his entrance far shorter than the typical 4 minutes. Juan gets beat up for a bit until his bigger teammates save his butt. The Closers do most of the heavy lifting here while Juan tries to steal the glory. They almost put Black away with a frankensteiner/moonsault combo and again with a double undertook powerbomb. Juan is finally isolated for a lungblower/slam/450 combo for the pin. This was awesome.

Winners: The Nexus Alliance

Match 4: The Millennium Throwbacks vs Raiders of the Beyond

Boomer is out to prove something to his dad so he tries to take on the entire Beyond team himself. He runs off both Zagami and Dickinson but Dasher wisely pulls him out of there when the gargantuan Milonas gets involved. It’s a close call any time Beyond gets their hands on Boomer. Dickinson and Touchdown fighting in the ring, tumbling suplex to the outside....and a scream. Touchdown looks to have been hurt in the fall. Bryce rings the bell and Beyond advances by stoppage. Oof. This was getting pretty good until the stoppage.

Winners: Raiders of the Beyond

We go to intermission while Touchdown is helped from the ringside area.


Match 5: The Ohnaka Gang vs Society of the Deep

Crawdad wants a kiss from Leigh, who tags in PCO for a chop. The broken-heartened Crawdad isolates Leigh and she gets triple teamed for a bit. Bucanero cleans house, allowing PCO and Merlok, the team’s big boys, to duke it out. Oceanea ties to interfere but Merlok Spears her instead. Hermit crab is triple teamed with dives for the pin. Hard fought match. Great energy from everyone.

Winners: The Ohnaka Gang

Match 6: Galactice Wildlife Commision vs The F.I.S.T. Order

Good comedy to start as FIST tries to lift Frog’s hammer. No one is worthy, even Icarus who had carried it previously. Thunderfrog and his animal friends run roughshod over FIST for most of this until Icarus finally turns the tides with a Wings of Icarus on Frog to the outside. AirWolf saves Frog, who drops the hammer on everyone. Huckabee isolates AirWolf and hits a butterfly suplex for the pin. Awesome stuff here.

Winners: The F.I.S.T Order

Match 7: The New Republic vs Sisters of the Mighty

The Sisters are more than a match for their goofball opponents, as they stand tall for the first chunk of this match. Mighty Molly gets the whole match in a chain Boston crab for a near submission. The ice creams use cheap tag cheating to take charge on Perera, who eats a ton of ice cold offense. Solo gets in but meets a similar fate, almost getting pinned from a Kikutaro shining wizard. Molly gets in and evens it up. Molly Go Round for a close two. Solo and Molly get the ice creams in stereo submissions but Kikutaro rolls up Perera for the win. This was crazy and the crowd boo’s the heck out of this finish.

Winners: The New Republic

Match 8: The Shimmer Collective vs Tokyo Joshi Freedom Fighters

This match is all Joshis until Madison Eagles gets in and leads a prolonged beatdown on Yuka and Shoko, actively preventing Princess Miyu from entering the contest. Miyu finally tags in and it’s a lot of chaos until Shoko and Yuka hit a top rope senton and spring board splash on Shazza for the win. This was fine but I really wished the Joshi team had laid their strikes in more, especially where they treated Miyu like a world beater in the first half of the match.

Winners: Tokyo Joshi Freedom Fighters

And there we go! The second tournament round is set for tomorrow night, where we’ll also see the qualifying rounds for the yearly Rey de Voladores tournament. More to come on Night 2!

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