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By Mike Johnson on 2018-08-29 13:09:00

FITE schedule for STARRCAST online viewing announced

Now available for purchase at FITE.TV

NEW YORK -- Today, FITE, the premium digital live streaming network for viewing combat sports globally, revealed the full schedule for the online viewing of STARRCAST, one of the hottest tickets of the Summer to be streamed on FITE Live TV from August 30th through September 2nd.
Fans from around the world purchased STARRCAST tickets in a record time with Platinum Bracelets selling out in under seven minutes. But now with FITE, fans from all over the world can enjoy over 20 live stage shows featuring legends, Hall of Famers, celebrities, and of course some of the top podcasters around like Bruce Prichard, Eric Bischoff, and Sean Waltman. With events ranging from the ALL IN Weigh-Ins to a “Death of WCW” panel, there is something for everyone at STARRCAST. Each event is expected to run 75-90 minutes in length starting Thursday, August 30th. STARRCAST expects to provide FITE fans more than forty hours of content.
With the convenience of the live and on-demand access to STARRCAST programs on the FITE mobile app and on its website, www.FITE.TV, viewers will be able to follow concurrent events and replay shows on their own schedule or on another screen of choice – all included in the order.
FITE fans will not only watch but also interact with their favorite programmers via the live chat room where questions will be taken and special guests invited.
Full schedule is available online at 

8pm EST
The Monday Night War Debate with Bruce Prichard & Eric Bischoff
Elite Karaoke with Marty Scrull
10pm EST
Papa Buck Jam Session
Botchamania w/Tony Schiavone PLUS Stand Up Comedy from Ron Funches & Casio Kid
11:30am EST
Madusa Unthrottled w/a Panel on Women's Wrestling featuring stars like Gail Kim, Lisa Marie Vachon, and GLOW Founder David McLane
1:00pm EST
What Happened When w/ Tony Schiavone & Conrad Thompson
1:30pm EST
Four Star Summit with the Wrestling Observer & the Pro Wrestling Torch
3:30pm EST
WrestleCrap w/ RD Reynolds & Friends
5:30pm EST
War Games Retrospective w/ JJ Dillon, Tully Blanchard, Lex Luger & Road Warrior Animal
7:00pm EST
Clockblockers Trivia w/ Macaulay Culkin & Matt Cohen of the Bunny Ears Pod
9:00pm EST
The Roast of Bruce Prichard
The Raven Effect
11:00pm EST
Stranglemania with the Insane Clown Posse
12:00 Mid EST
Spend My Days Karaoke w/ Bruce Prichard & Jeff Jarrett
9:30am EST
The ALL IN DDP Yoga Workshop
10:00am EST
Remembering Andy Kaufman w/ Jerry Lawler & Dutch Mantell, hosted by Bill Apter
12:00 noon EST
X-PAC 1-2-360 Degrees of the nWo w/ Scott Hall & Kevin Nash hosted by Sean Waltman
12:30pm EST
Total Non Stop Jarrett w/ a Panel on TNA, hosted by Jeff Jarrett
2:00pm EST
PrimeTime with Sean Mooney Presents: Behind the Themes with Jim Johnston
2:30pm EST
Keepin' It 100! with Konnan, Disco Inferno, & Shane “Hurricane” Helms
4:00pm EST
The Death of WCW Panel w/ Eric Bischoff, Kevin Sullivan, JJ Dillon & the Author of the Book, RD Reynolds
11:30am EST
The Art of Wrestling with Colt Cabana
Bunny Ears Podcast w/ Macaulay Culkin featuring Stephen Amell
1:30pm EST
Storytime with the Young Bucks
Greatest Trivia Rumble w/Many Wrestling Personalities
3:30pm EST
The Lapsed Fan
Why It Ended w/Robbie E & Matt Koon

About FITE:

FITE is a premium digital live streaming network. With live programming from 250+ partners from over 30 countries FITE delivers Pro Wrestling, Boxing, MMA and Kickboxing events live to close to a million registered viewers. Since its launch in February 2016, FITE has presented over 1,000 live events and offers over 10,000 hours of video library available to watch on demand.  FITE proprietary instant streaming technology allows viewers to seamlessly cast premium live events to connected screens across the world. FITE is available as a mobile app on iOS and Android mobile devices, online at and on the Roku, Apple TV and Android TV boxes. 

About Global Force Entertainment

Nashville-based Global Force Entertainment (GFE) was founded in 2014 by WWE Hall of Famer and wrestling veteran Jeff Jarrett.  GFE specializes in developing and acquiring events that take place in non-traditional settings featuring stars from the pro wrestling and music worlds. For more information go to

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