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By Mike Johnson on 2018-08-23 23:33:00

The Travel Channel will debut a new special starring former WWE star Chris Jericho, titled Chris Jericho: Monster Hunt on 10/10 at 10 PM EST.

The special, which is being rolled out as part of the cable network's Halloween fare, will feature Jericho seeking out mysterious creatures in the Bayous of Louisiana.

Promotional material for the special notes, "WWE champion and famed author, musician and podcaster Chris Jericho has had a lifelong fascination with the unexplained. Now, he is on a terrifying mission to uncover the truth behind the fearsome swamp creatures believed to inhabit the swamps of Southern Louisiana. Wading deep into bayou country, Jericho searches for evidence of a legendary creature known as Rougarou, and a Sasquatch-like beast that roams the Honey Island Swamp. Is there a connection between these monsters? And what of the curse put on the region by infamous voodoo priestess Julia Brown in the early 1900s? Jericho encounters compelling proof from eyewitnesses, physical evidence and a startling revelation from beyond the grave."

This would be the second special featuring Jericho.  The previous special The Legend Of... featured Jericho seeking out the hidden treasure of Butch Cassidy.

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