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By Mike Johnson on 2018-08-22 09:31:00

WWE Hall of Famer Jerry Lawler appeared yesterday on Memphis Local 24 discussing the death of his Brian Lawler. 

The complete interview can be watched below, but Lawler noted that the family has still not heard any actual answers regarding Brian's death and that they are living in a nightmare they cannot wake up from. 

Lawler noted that in his final conversation with Brian, which was recorded by the jail, and that Brian had about how bad the conditions in the jail were and that none of the things that had been stated would happen in a previous meeting had not.  That was 10 AM in the morning.  The call was only allowed to last 15 minutes and they were cut off.

Several hours later, Lawler's fiancee received a call around 2 PM advising them that Brian had gotten into a fight with another inmate and had been "acting a fool" but everything was fine and he had been stitched up due to a cut over his eye.  They later learned from witnesses that that account they were told wasn't what really happened.

Later that evening, Lawler was called by a Deputy Sheriff and told, "Mister Lawler, I'm sorry, but your son Brian has hung himself in the jail."  Lawler said that based on everyone they've heard from and spoken to, none of it adds up and they still haven't received any answers and "it just doesn't jibe."

It was noted in the segment that the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation has stated it could be weeks, if not longer, before their full report is released.

The complete video of the Lawler interview can be watched below:

Thanks to Paul Jordan for sending the video along.

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