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By Mike Johnson on 2018-08-21 00:18:00

After Monday Night Raw went off the air, The Shield remained in their pose and then walked off backstage.  Braun Strowman recovered, retrieved his Money in the Bank briefcase and walked to the back with his music playing.  So, the angle is that since the bell never rang, Braun never officially cashed in.  As we have reported previously on, Strowman vs. Roman Reigns is set for a number of WWE live events in the coming weeks.  

Brock Lesnar, despite being advertised as late as a video that played in the Barclays Center before Summerslam last night, did not appear on Raw and was not there at any point.  We were told by a source after Raw went off the air that Lesnar actually flew home last night following the Summerslam PPV.  As far as why WWE didn't announce he wasn't appearing, I have no idea.  It's never a good idea for that to happen especially when it's a name who doesn't regularly appear and you can argue his advertised appearance means a difference when it comes to selling tickets.

There was no dark match following Raw going off the air.  One was advertised, but with the angle at the end of the broadcast, it was scrapped.

At one point during the day, it was to be Drew McIntyre vs. Dean Ambrose but that was changed as the day went on.

If you were watching the live Raw broadcast and was wondering why the crowd became so distracted during the Finn Balor vs. Roman Reigns main event, a fan was absolutely losing it cursing out Roman and jumping around and throwing DX style crotch chops at him.  Security approached the fan and asked him to calm down and the fan instead began directing the crotch chops at them, which got a big pop live.  He ended up being part of a group was escorted out and when that happened, the crowd began booing and chanting "Let him stay" and chanting "a*****" at security.

WWE was pushing there were tickets available for tomorrow's Smackdown and 205 Live taping as the audience exited in Brooklyn.

The WWE Pop-up shop was selling an exclusive plaque featuring pieces of the ring canvas from the previous three Summerslams held in Brooklyn.

Matt Hardy and Jason Jordan were backstage and present at production meetings tonight as they are learning how WWE handles that aspect of the tapings.  The idea is to groom them as potential producers while their injury issues are up in the air.

Taped for Main Event tonight was Mojo Rawley vs. Rhyno and Mike Kanellis vs. No Way Jose.  

WWE ran several music videos pushing that Wrestlemania 35 was coming to the NYC area next year. 

WWE ran commercials pushing tapings of the Maury Povich Show and the Steve Wilkos show live in the building during a commercial on Raw.  The shows tape in Stamford, CT.  There was also a booth set up with cardboard cut-outs of each for fans to take photos with.  That was certainly something I didn't expect to see.

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle characters were out and milling about again, taking photos at the Raw taping with fans.

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