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By Mike Johnson on 2018-08-12 09:00:00

The former AJ Lee, April Mendez-Brooks noted on her Instagram that she was on set for her role in the horror film Rabid:


A post shared by AJ Mendez Brooks (@theajmendez) on

"Meet Kira and her resting douche face. Just got to shoot my part in the @SoskaSisters horror movie #Rabid! I am in awe of what brilliant, hilarious, loving, talented leaders Jen and Sylv Soska are. It was an honor to be a teeny part of a project with female writers/directors, a female director of photography, female camera operators, a badass female lead, and a story showcasing a ride or die female friendship. I am beyond inspired and my heart is full of joy. Even though I look suuuper pissed."

CM Punk filmed his role in Rabid several weeks ago, but has already picked up a lead role in another horror film, has learned. 

The film, tentatively titled Team Player, will be filming over the next several months in Illinois.  Punk will also be seen as the host of the United States edition of the new season of Netflix's Ultimate Beastmaster.

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