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By Kendall Jenkins on 2018-08-09 15:40:00

Even if you are a casual player who is looking for no deposit offers for all casino players, you might want to consider gambling at a traditional casino as well. Feel free to check out our list, read the descriptions and discover the most interesting travel destinations for gamblers.


Due to the rise of virtual casinos, gambling has become even more popular. Now all these players who have recently started gambling on the internet want to check out some traditional casinos. Unfortunately for all of us, a surprisingly high number of countries have imposed rigorous restrictions that apply to gambling. Of course, there are countries that have a different legal framework and almost no restrictions when it comes to gambling. However, not all of them have good casinos. Hence, the rise of gambling tourism should not surprise us at all. It is beneficial for both players and casino owners. Take a look at Monaco and Malta, the governments of these countries strongly support the gambling industry and it is one of the reasons why their economies are booming. This way, they attract millions of players to come there, spend lots of cash and have an unforgettable time.


This territory used to be a Portuguese colony and now has its own border control, currency, laws and so on. The laws of China do not apply to Macau. The size of Macau is extremely small and they had to find a good way to get their economy moving. Macau is now home to the world's largest casino and its name is The Venetian Macau. It's an enormous complex which includes casino space. The size of the casino is a whopping 51,000 square meters! In addition to all their other games, this casino offers approximately 6,500 slots. Of course, we shouldn't forget about the other great casinos we can find there, like Lisboa Casino and MGM Grand Macau. Apart from splendid casinos and hotels, Macau has a lot more to offer. After checking out the casinos, you can try some local dishes or walk around the old town.

Las Vegas:

When we hear something about Las Vegas, we immediately start thinking about gambling and extravagant casinos. This city is well-known for its deluxe attractions and gambling places. People come to this city to splash out large amounts of cash, forget about their worries and have fun. We cannot deny that Las Vegas is one of the most famous places on Earth. The city is vibrant and colorful and the choices are countless. There, you can find approximately 80 casinos and they are among the biggest ones in the world. If you decide to visit Las Vegas as your travel destination, you won't make a mistake. Las Vegas is the right destination for anyone who wants to have a movie-like experience. Besides casinos and hotels, there are wild nightclubs, strip clubs and a wide variety of restaurants. So, even those who aren't into gambling will find many things to do.

Monte Carlo, Monaco:

Monaco is the second smallest country in the world, but one of the hottest tourist destinations. Its capital city, Monte Carlo, was one of the first places in the world to open a casino. The gambling industry has a long tradition there and the government fully supports it. Sadly, there are just four casinos, but each one of them is among the largest and the most respectable ones. In this tiny country, everything is luxurious and there you can meet famous actors, rich businessmen, and popular sportsmen. As a result, Monaco is extremely pricey. Hence, if you make a decision to visit this top-notch destination, prepare much cash and familiarize with the prices beforehand. Still, it's definitely worth visiting. Besides the magnificent casinos, you can enjoy the Formula One Grand Prix and the Monte-Carlo Masters tennis tournament. On top of that, you can visit their beautiful coastline.


Singapore is another tiny country, which is located in Southeast Asia. It is a place with almost no natural resources but at the same time one of the richest and the most developed places in the world. Similarly to Macau, they have loosened the laws in order to allow casinos to operate freely, with hardly any restrictions. As a result, gambling contributes significant amounts of money to their already strong economy. There are a few mega casinos such as The Marina Bay Sands Casino, with over 15,000 square meters of space. You can take a room with spectacular underwater views and enjoy more than 1,500 slot games. It is a must-visit destination for any serious risk-taker with a deep pocket. Moreover, this country boasts the world's biggest Ferris wheel and it has a breathtaking skyline. Singapore might seem pricey, but it is worth every penny you spend there.

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