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By Mike Johnson on 2018-08-10 10:15:00

WWN Alerts - August 10th, 2018 


History will be made this weekend with the first ever EVOLVE/PROGRESS double headers in the Midwest. We have a preview of both EVOLVE cards and more. Let's get to it....


August 10th: You can get tickets for all the EVOLVE and PROGRESS events at EVOLVE is at 4pm and PROGRESS is at 8pm this Saturday in Cicero, IL and this Sunday in Livonia, MI. Please note that each event is a separate ticket. There's never been pro wrestling dream days like this in the Chicago and Detroit areas. Be there to see the best from the USA and UK!


August 10th: You can watch both EVOLVE events live with your $9.99 per month Club WWN subscription. If you want to own the stream, still has the option to buy both events on live iPPV for $19.99 each. You own the stream forever for the one-time-payment using this option. You also get 50% off with your Club WWN membership and can use your loyalty points!


August 10th: The stakes have gotten even bigger in the Career vs. Career Handicap I Quit Match this Sunday in Detroit. It'll be Tracy Williams vs. Stokely Hathaway & Chris Dickinson with Williams and Hathaway's EVOLVE career on the line. The winner will now get a title shot of their choice on an upcoming EVOLVE event. If Stokely wins, he can pick any member of his stable for any title shot he wants! One man will be gone for EVOLVE, the other will have a chance to win the championship of his choice.


August 10th: The Skulk has their biggest match yet when they face Chris Dickinson, Dominic Garrini and Stokely Hathaway in Chicago. Hathaway is calling this a warm up match for the I Quit contest. However, The Skulk aren't taking in this way. Check out this video for some Skulk trash talking to Stokely.


August 10th: EVOLVE has two loaded cards this weekend. Here is a quickie preview of both events:




Saturday, August 11th, 2018

Belltime - 4:00 PM CDT

Cicero Stadium

Clyde Park District

1909 S. Laramie Avenue

Cicero, IL  60804

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Main Event #1

Matt Riddle defends vs. Darby Allin


This first-time-ever match was originally for the EVOLVE Championship, but now it is for pride. Can Riddle rebound from his EVOLVE Title loss? Can Allin win the big one? This promises to be a unique bout and it will still be the main event.


Main Event #2 - Dream Partner Tag Team Match

WWN Champion Joey Janela with Penelope Ford & Saieve Al Sabah


EVOLVE Champion Shane Strickland & Austin Theory with Priscilla Kelly


There's a lot of issues in this one-of-a-kind tag team match. It will be the first time the two men regarded as the future of EVOLVE team up in Strickland and Theory. It will see Theory cross paths with the man who defeated him for the WWN Championship in Janela. Strickland disrespected Al Sabah last week and now Saieve will look to prove he belongs. Finally, this is the first time the WWN Champion Janela and EVOLVE Champion Strickland will be opposing each other. What will happen with these four elements in one combustable match?


Grudge Match

EVOLVE Tag Team Champion Jaka with Stokely Hathaway vs. Tracy Williams


The Catch Point War is the most intense feud in EVOLVE and it is coming to Chicago. The big question is how is Williams' eye going into this match against the dangerous Jaka? What will everyone in this feud do the night before the career vs. career encounter?


Special Challenge Match

WALTER vs. JD Drake


You have two of the roughest, toughest and most badass heavyweights in this first-time-ever match. Who will win?


Special Attraction Match

DJZ vs. AR Fox with Ayla & The Skulk


These two collided in a spectacular match at EVOLVE 97. Fox pulled out the win. Fox is looking to stay on top of the card. DJZ is looking to get to the top of the card. They are both sensational athletes. Who is your pick?


Freelance World Championship Match

Isaias Velazquez defends vs. Matt Knicks


EVOLVE loves to have partnerships with quality independent promotions. We are very happy to present this important Freelance World Championship Match this Saturday. Who will walk out with the title?


Triple Threat Match

Jon Davis vs. Josh Briggs vs. Anthony Henry


Davis raised the ire of both Briggs and Henry last weekend. This will be three hard-hitters battling it out for the much needed victory. Who will get the W?


Six Man Tag Team Challenge

Chris Dickinson, Dominic Garrini & Stokely Hathaway vs. The Skulk


Hathaway wants to prepare for his match with this "tune up match" against AR Fox's Skulk. Is he taking them too lightly?


EVOLVE stars will be available for pictures & autographs before and after the event!




Sunday, August 12th, 2018

Belltime - 4:00 PM EDT

Monaghan Knights Of Columbus Hall

19801 Farmington Rd.

Livonia, MI 48152


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WWN Championship Triple Threat Match

WWN Champion Joey Janela with Penelope Ford defends


Austin Theory with Priscilla Kelly


AR Fox with Ayla & The Skulk


There's a lot going on in this one. Fox holds a non-title victory over Janela. Fox has taken exception to the path that his protege Theory has followed, but they two have not come to blows. Theory lost the WWN Championship to Janela, but has since defeated him in a FIP World Heavyweight Title Match. Theory also attacked Janela during his 1st WWN Title defense at the last EVOLVE card. Who will walk out of Livonia as the WWN Champion?


Williams' Career vs. Hathaway's Career - I Quit Handicap Match

Tracy Williams vs. Chris Dickinson & Stokely Hathaway


This one has a deep history. It will end at EVOLVE 111 when one man says I Quit. Williams showed at the famous 2300 Arena he can destroy Hathaway in a moment. However, Williams is coming into this match with an injured eye after "The Screwdriver Incident." Who will be leaving EVOLVE?


EVOLVE 100 Rematch

Matt Riddle vs. JD Drake


These two tore the house down at EVOVLE 100. Many called it Drake's breakout singles match. However, he lost. Can he even the score?


Non-Title Bonus Main Event

EVOLVE Champion Shane Strickland vs. DJZ


EVOLVE loves Michigan. You have given us your support and a home. We are rewarding you by putting two of the best, most athletic men today in the same match. Who will win?


Special Challenge Match #1

WALTER vs. Anthony Henry


Henry scored the biggest win of his singles career when he defeated WALTER's Ringkampf partner Timothy Thatcher last June. WALTER made sure to leave Henry laying. Can Henry defeat WALTER and get revenge?


Special Challenge Match #2

EVOLVE Tag Team Champion Jaka vs. Saieve Al Sabah


Al Sabah shocked everyone in his EVOLVE debut by pinning Jaka in a Four Way Freestyle. They will fight in a singles match this Sunday. Can lightning strike twice?


Plus more to be signed with Darby Allin, Josh Briggs, Jon Davis and others!!!


There's still a lot of great talent that will be put in matches after the events of EVOVLE 110.


EVOLVE stars will be available for pictures & autographs before and after the event!



August 10th: Thank you for all your support. What match are you looking forward to the most? Tweet using hashtag #WWNLive to let us know. We hope you will join us either in person or watch live on Club WWN. Thank you for making this all possible.


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