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By Mike Johnson on 2018-08-10 10:00:00


Can you tell me why up untill thispoint noibody besides WWE has run shows at Madison Square Garden? I know that back in the territory days,the WWE or the then WWF/WWWF ran the Northeast U.S.and MSG was a regular place they held live show,and often sold out back when Bruno Sammartino was champ but when the WCW became a huge company why did they never run there?

WCW attempted several times to run Madison Square Garden, but WWE ran there so often that contractually, they were able to keep anyone else out.  Now, when WWE runs the venue 2-3 times a year and doesn't book it for the biggest week of the year in the wrestling industry, it's hard for the company to argue that no one else should be allowed in the building.  Given that MSG originally canceled their date with ROH after "communications" from WWE, according to Ring of Honor's Joe Koff, even getting that first date was a hard task for ROH to accomplish.  Chances are, had it not been for Sinclair Broadcast Group's lawyers, even that date would not have happened.

CM Punk vs. Colt Cabana - where do you stand?

It's an impossible question to answer, because as of now, all we know are the allegations that Cabana has laid out.  If and when Punk responds to the lawsuit, there will likely be a very different story told, because that's how lawsuits work.   All I know for sure is that by all accounts, Punk dropped a massive amount of money on legal bills for the Dr. Amann lawsuit and Cabana, for the majority of the proceedings, was covered by Punk's attorneys, apparently for free.  There was obviously an issue between Punk and Cabana that caused the split between the two and Cabana to hire his own representation, but until all the facts are clear and supported, you can't blame one side and absolve the other.

If the New Japan/ROH MSG show were to end up on AXS TV would Jim Ross's WWE deal prevent him from calling that show? With New Japan running more shows in the US will Ross eventually have to choose a side? 

The show is not going to be broadcast on AXS TV but if it hypothetically was, Jim Ross could call it, as he has a non-exclusive deal with WWE.  I think if push came to shove, Ross would go with the side that was going to pay him more and give him the most work.  At this stage of Ross' life, I think he just wants to work.

The Tribune Media situation...Where does this leave ROH now?

It leaves ROH in the same place it was well before the merger was announced - as an asset of Sinclair that has made more money for the company each year it's been in existence.  ROH will just have to find alternative plans to air in the markets that Sinclair would have acquired if the buyout had gone through.  The Sinclair-Tribune story was and is one that is much larger than ROH.  It was just something that would have greatly benefitted the company if it had become a reality.  Since it, apparently, will not, Ring of Honor just goes about its business.  Given that any second from now, it will likely sell out Madison Square Garden, I don't think it's an issue.

My least-favorite thing about the Evolution PPV announcement was the same as the all-women Royal Rumble: Stephanie McMahon. Too much self back patting for my taste. I think it would have worked better as a quick aside; maybe a promo package or if Charlotte or somebody mentioned it in a promo. Why do they have to beat it over our head that they’re doing good things? Can’t they just have a women’s revolution without telling us about it constantly? You’ll never be equal if you keep telling people you’re not equal.

You have to understand that it's just not how WWE does things.  They want to promote how great they are and how evolutionary their ideas are.  It's as much a narrative about legitimizing the company and showcasing how important what they are doing is as much as it's a storyline week to week.  They are promoting themselves to stockholders to partners to licensees and to fans and if they can get Stephanie and Triple H over as these benevolent, crusading execs who are trying to take the company - and in this case, the women - into the future, then it builds them as much as everyone else.  It's totally self-promotion, but if it helps WWE push their agenda, the company is going to be happy to do it, as would any other company, wrestling or otherwise.  Sometimes, a lighter touch works better, but WWE doesn't do subtle.


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